31 Ways to Make January the Best Month Ever

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January has 31 days and that means 31 opportunities for family bonding. From indoor activities to exploring the world beyond your walls, we’ve rounded up fun ways you can strengthen your family this month. And most of these are budget-friendly family activities too!

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1. Cook a healthy meal together.

2. Watch a movie. Here’s our list of top movies they have to see before they turn 10.

3. Plan a trip! Whether you're researching and reading guide books or just spinning a globe, dreaming of a family vacation can be almost as relaxing and bonding as the actual trip. Check out our list of hot spring break travel ideas

4. Create a family vision board

5. Try an at-home STEM project using items you likely already have on hand. 

6. Bake a batch of delicious (and easy to make) banana bread

7. Unleash your inner animal with a craft like this rad rhino mask

8. Build a snowman, no snow required. Here's how

9. Make snack time epic with an edible art creation. 

10. Visit an under-the-radar National Park

photo: Amber Guetebier

11. January 23 marks National Pie Day. Here are some of our favorite recipes

12. Take this quiz to find out which Winnie the Pooh character you are most like. 

13. Create a puzzle jar for some at-home I-Spy sensory fun. 

14. Host a family game night with another family. Check out our list of top-rated, new family board games first. 

15. Design a comic strip together. Take turns brainstorming superheroes and what-happens-next ideas. 

16. Read a book together.

17. Don't wait until the weekend: build an indoor fort together tonight and make sure it's big enough for the whole crew. 

18. Blow off some steam with a DIY obstacle course. If it's too wet or cold out, try a mini-version inside. 

19. Find some snow nearby and go sledding

20. Plan a day at the museum and spend the day there exploring. Here are our favorite exhibits coming in 2019.

photo: Kipp Jarecke-Cheng

21. Write a story together

22. Build a robot (no engineering degree necessary). 

23. January 25 is National Opposite Day. We've got 18 ways to surprise the kids with some flip-side silliness. 

24. Teach your kids some cool facts about MLK and listen to his "I Have a Dream" speech together. 

25. Turn your morning commute into an exciting scavenger hunt

26. Create something marvelous from dollar-store finds, like a shower-curtain canvas. 

27. Pretend to be an elephant.

28. Take apart (and put back together) a small household appliance.

29. Adopt a pet....rock

30. Hit the playground for a workout for you and the kids. Check out these moves you can do while they are playing! 

31. Get the kids in on a project that will help everyone's morning routine go smoother. 

—Amber Guetebier & Gabby Cullen

featured image: Victoria Borodinova via Unsplash



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