5 Terrific Things to Do with Kids in Thailand

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You probably already heard, read or seen how beautiful Thailand is: gorgeous beaches, amazing animals and marine life and all surrounded by clear blue ocean. But Thailand is more than meets the eye and is not only specifically reserved for couples or grown-ups.

Taking your children to Thailand could be one of the best decisions you would make as a parent. Situated in Southeast Asia, Thailand is one of the most desired tourist locations because of its landscapes, culture and overall value. From the urban city of Bangkok with modern architecture to small settlements near ancient temples, your children will have quite an experience.

However, Thailand is not that small and your time there may be limited. Therefore, here are some suggestions for what to do when traveling to Thailand with kids.

Enjoy amazing landscapes.

Hiking is something kids usually avoid, as well as the parents. It can be tiring for children and they would quickly lose their interest. However, you can explore some landscapes by car or even on an elephant.

Koh Samui is one of those places in the world that is popular without losing its traditional charm. It offers 125 miles of perfect white beaches around the amazing jungle where you can hike or sightsee by car. The path will lead you to waterfalls and viewpoints, while you can make a few stops to admire the nature and dip in the pools.

On the other hand, Chiang Mai is a great family place where you can visit Doi Inthanon National Park with over 300 species of birds. In addition, Night Bazaar is fun for children because of the music, attractions and delicious food.

Meet the marine life.

Marine life is hard to avoid in Thailand, no matter where you are and this will certainly be an interesting experience for children. If you choose to stay in Bangkok, you can take them to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. This is a large aquarium with hundreds of species right there on display for visitors. This is a safe way for children to see all the wonders of the underwater life in Thailand.

However, if you have older children who are interested in scuba diving and snorkeling, consider one of the more rural areas. You can go scuba diving to see the marine life in person, something this area is famous for.

You can swim with manta rays, turtles, some shark species, eels and all types of fish. Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish is difficult to find and so seeing one is a spectacle. Christmas tree worms, nudibranch and seahorse are only some examples of what to expect in Thai waters.

Since not all scuba diving sites are appropriate for children, make sure that you have all the information about the tours. Of course, if your kids are old enough they can go in the cage and see the sharks and or simply look at the underwater life through the glass floors on the boats. In the end, you can take them to scuba diving courses and take them with you on the dive.

Choose the right beach.

Beaches in Thailand are perfect for almost anything. From volleyball on the sand to extreme water sports, they are truly fun places to be and your children will never be bored. However, not all water sports are suited for children and some beaches may have too big waves for them to take a dip.

Phuket villas are a great accommodation for families and its beaches will charm you from the start. You can go sea kayaking as a family or simply snorkel and scuba dive around the island.

Krabi is another place with great beaches but less urban than Bangkok or Phuket. It offers kayaking to visit the prehistoric caves and the water is literally clear so you can see the bottom. This is really a remote place so make sure your kids are ready for slower tempo and rural experience.

Have some peaceful time.

White Sands Beach on Koh Chang is a four-hour bus ride from Bangkok and a very popular destination for families. If you want your kids to find some friends their age, this is the perfect place to visit. There are swings mounted on the palm trees, international food offer like pizza and the beach is clean. You and your children can enjoy a serene and tranquil vacation here since the place is completely dedicated to tourists.

Another place of this type is Koh Lipe. The sea is warm and water is calm so you wouldn’t have to worry about the waves. There are many restaurants here and everything is kid-friendly. If you have young children or even a baby, this is a perfect spot to come and stay in Thailand.

Visit temples.

Thailand has 40,717 Buddhist temples and you simply must visit some of them with your children. Their architecture will be interesting and the guides on tours will do their best to tell you every fascinating detail about each one.

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet temple is a monastery in Ayutthaya and near the royal palace. There are still some ruins from the royal houses around the big bell-shaped pagodas of the new temple.

Wat Rong Khun is the white temple which looks like it came out of a fairytale. It’s located outside the Chiang Rai and its whiteness is the symbol of purity of Buddha.

Wat Mahathat is also a sight to remember with Buddha’s head entangled among the tree branches. It’s located in Ayutthaya as well, and while there, you can visit Chao Sam Phraya National Museum.

When it comes to Thailand, it will certainly be interesting for children with its rich culture, amazing food, and lush nature. It’s a perfect place to visit with a family, especially if you look for something different.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Mathew Schwartz via Unsplash