This Airport Is Opening an On-Site Amusement Park

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photo: Changi Airport via Facebook

For your next family vacation forget all about the destination and just stay at the airport. While that might sound like a complete nightmare, at one international airport a new amusement park is just the icing on the cake that already includes movie theaters, gardens filled with butterflies and a pool.

It’s easy to see why Singapore’s Changi Airport has been named one of the world’s best. The airport’s amenities already include two movie theaters with free screenings 24 hours a day, video arcades, a playground, an outdoor swimming pool and five gardens, one of which is a two level butterfly garden with over 40 species. Soon travelers will be able to add amusement park to the top of that exciting list.

The Jewel, set to open in 2019, will feature a five-story indoor garden that can be traversed from hanging net canopies that criss-cross the third floor. Besides these bouncy, floating walkways, the amusement park will also offer a garden maze with six-foot hedges and a lookout tower, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, tube slides and simulated clouds that offer an interactive exhibit for kids.

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