This Book Celebrates Diversity & Long-Distance Familes

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We are always on the hunt for a good book, and this one struck us as a must-read immediately. Amah Faraway by Margaret Chiu Greanias, illustrated by Tracey Subisak, is the heartwarming story of Kylie, a young girl visiting her grandmother on the other side of the world for the first time. Not only is it timely, with how often we’ve had to put off plans of seeing our own loved ones, but it’s also a beautiful story about the bond between grandkids and grandparents and the awe-inspiring experience of traveling to an unfamiliar place. Kids will be able to relate to the emotion of feeling nervous about new things, just like Kylie.

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The Story

Kylie is nervous about visiting her grandmother (Amah in Taiwanese) in Taiwan. When she arrives, she's shy, and at first, she's uncomfortable with the language, customs, culture and food—video chats just aren't the same. But slowly and surely, when she and Amah visit the night market, eat with relatives and splash in hot springs, Kylie starts opening her heart and having so much fun! When it's time to go home, the video chats will be extra special until they can visit faraway again.

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What Makes "Amah Faraway" So Special

This story is about a long-distance family and what it means to embrace your culture. Regardless of background, all kids can relate to the emotion of feeling nervous about the new or unfamiliar. Its clever reverse poem text and vibrant illustrations make for a heartfelt journey that you will enjoy reading and experiencing together! The combined English, pinyin and Traditional Chinese characters throughout also help make Amah Faraway stand out on any bookshelf. If you're looking to diversify their book collection and introduce new cultures and family styles they may not otherwise encounter, this book is for you.

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The Reviews Say it All

"An au courant portrayal of a transnational childhood." ―Kirkus Reviews

"A sympathetic portrayal of long-distance family ties." ―Booklist

"Encouraging openness toward new experiences amid a centering of one child's diasporic shift in cultural perception, this contemporary tale tenderly spotlights the strengthening of an intergenerational relationship." ―Publishers Weekly

We are loving Amah Faraway, and how it uncovers what it means to feel at home far away, and how families connect across distance, language and cultures. It most definitely deserves a front-and-center spot on your bookshelf—add it to your collection today!


—Jamie Aderski


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