This Dad’s Candy Wrapper Trick Is Every Parent Everywhere

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photo: Pixabay

If you’ve ever called your kids’ names a million times to get their attention only to be greeted by the sound of crickets, you might want to check out one clever dad’s trick for sending the kids running to you in the video below.

Kids aren’t exactly clamoring at requests to take a bath or clean up their toys. When you’re trying to sneak that last cookie, however, all it takes is a little rustle to send them stampeding over. Instead of wasting your voice, why not simply pull out some candy and give the wrapper a crinkle. If your kids have a sweet tooth, like the adorable little girl in the video, they might just appear without ever having to utter a single word.

The only downside to this trick is the inevitable demand for the said treat. Now if you can just find something non-sugar filled that comes in a crinkly wrapper, you’ll be totally winning at parenthood.

Do your kids come running when they suspect you have a treat? Tell us in the comments below.