This Dad’s Solution to Naptime While Shopping Had Us LOLing

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Have you ever been out shopping with your child and realized your cranky kiddo needed to sleep, but you were nowhere near a home base? A U.K. couple found a creative (yet strangely obvious!) way to give their toddler some much-needed zzzs during a department store outing earlier this week: Dad just laid the tired tot down in a store display bed and let him zonk out.

The whole thing was captured on video and posted to YouTube, where it has already racked up more than 30,000 views (Dad is a popular Daddy blogger in the U.K., so it figures he got the stunt on camera). The video shows the parents pushing the little boy in his stroller through the store. It’s clear the kid needs to sleep, but Mom needs to get some shopping done.

“How am I going to get him to sleep in here?” says dad Mark Hoyle

“Just like I do,” his partner says. “Just hold him.”

But Dad had other ideas. Hoyle, who runs the popular U.K. daddy blog, instead found an actual toddler bed in the store and laid the sleepy child to sleep.

From what we can tell by the video, nobody in the store seemed to mind. Of course, they couldn’t keep him there for too long, so the video shows the couple later transferring the sleeping toddler to his stroller. Tired tantrums averted!

Check out the video below.

Would you ever let your baby sleep in a display bed? Tell us in the comments below.

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