This Is Loss

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Remembering the day you found out you were pregnant… Wondering how your life is going to change in 9 months. Excited for the new life growing inside of you. Planning fun ways to tell your significant other/friends/family your great news.

Remembering the day you first saw your child…Wondering if they are a boy or a girl. Excited to find out. Planning a fun way to share the news with your friends/family.

Remembering the day you knew they weren’t coming home…Wondering how you will ever get through this. Trying to hold back tears dealing with people who don’t know and are still excited for you. Planning their quiet arrival into the world.

Remembering the days/months/years without them… Wondering where all your strength came from. Learning to be excited about life again. Planning to live your life for them.

I'm a 30 something from the Chicago suburbs. Wife to a police officer, infertility and loss warrior, and mom to an only Earthly child Thomas. I love photography, coupons, a great bargain, reading/writing, crafts and coffee....lots of coffee!