This Is the ONLY Way to Eat Watermelon

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Turn your watermelon slices from something original into something extra special. Launched by Monkey Business, Pepo is a super fun watermelon cutter that automatically shapes your slices of fruit into the shape of a lolly. Scroll down to read more.


Less Mess, More Fun
Designed by Avihai Shurin (who creates fab kitchen items like this silicon egg shaper that turns fried eggs into pictures of a sun and cloud), Pepo works just like a cookie cutter. Cut your fruit to the desired thickness, press “Pepo” through and voilà! Your “popsicle” is ready faster than a blast chiller. It’s so easy even your little ones can help out! Just remember to include the rind so that kids have a mess-free way to hold onto their fruit!


Pepo is available at, $12.

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— Christal Yuen