This New Candy Trend For Adults is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread & Yoga Pants

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Photo: Today

Let’s face it– we LOVE wine. And what other goody do we have an infatuation for? Candy. With that in mind, the glorious folks over at Sugarfina teamed up with wine brand Whispering Angel to develop rosé-infused gummy bears.

These treats are becoming so popular, that they were sold out in the first two hours after launching. But don’t worry, the Sugarfina team says they will restock soon.

So what do the gummies taste like? According to Today, it’s lightly fruity, sweet and tangy, nicely balanced and surprisingly truly have the flavor of the Whispering Angel rosé wine that they’re made with. While all that sounds delish, you will not get buzzed from the rosé since the alcohol is burned off the in the cooking process. This means ya might need to share with the kiddos.

Photo: Today

Are you down for the rosé-infused gummy bears? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Today