This New Wearable Technology Might Help Babies Build Their Vocabulary

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photo: Starling

Though your fitness tracker might be gathering dust on your nightstand, you might want to consider investing in wearable technology for your baby. Yes, you read that right. A new device made just for kids is helping parents track their child’s vocabulary, which can help with language development as they grow.

The Starling is a small, plastic wearable device that tracks the number of words both you and your toddler say on a daily basis. The design is based on years of research on the best practices for helping children develop language skills. Studies have shown the tremendous benefits of both reading to infants and just speaking out loud to them in general. The bottom line is, the more words a baby hears (from real people, not screens) the more their own vocabulary develops. The less exposure to speech, the more kids will lag behind in language for years to come.

As many new moms know, learning to speak out loud to a tiny, wriggling baby that doesn’t answer back can be a little strange at first. That’s where the Starling comes in. Working together with a smartphone app, it gives parents reminders to engage in conversation. It also gives you activities to do, to help keep you talking. As your child grows and starts to speak, the device also counts the words your budding linguist says and gives you data on your conversations.

Would you use this device on your baby? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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