This Pacifier Is Made for Rock Stars

photo: Fred and Friends

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If your little rocker has a good set of lungs, then a pacifier can definitely be your best friend. But why simply soothe your baby when you can do it in style and show off your tiny tot’s love of rock n’ roll at the same time.

photo: Fred and Friends

In the immortal words of Nigel Tufnel this pacifier “goes to 11,” which as any Spinal Tap fan knows, means it’s one louder. Sometimes it really will feel like your own baby is that much louder than even the most raucous hair band, but at least you can have a laugh and appreciate the humor as you comfort your little one and your ears.

Unfortunately the knob-faced pacifier doesn’t actually control volume, but it is PVC and BPA-free and only $10. In other words, safe for your future front man or woman, and totally worth all the awesome movie references that it will illicit.

What rockin’ baby accessories do you have that were too cute to pass up? Tell us in the comments below.


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