This Toy Box Makes Driving in the Car With Kids a Dream (No Tablet Needed!)

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photo: TeeBee

Vacations are awesome, except for the part where the kids get bored on the car ride and ask if “you’re there yet” five million times. But now, this brand new portable toy box offers the perfect solution to keep kids entertained whenever you’re on the go.

The Teebee is a toy box that helps kids carry their toys and provides a surface area to play when they’re in a car seat, airplane, a waiting room or just about anywhere. The triangular plastic tote is small and lightweight, so kids can carry it easily on their own. And once you open it up you’ll find a large storage space for LEGOs, crayons, cars or whatever your kids like to play with on the go. The lids of the Teebee open to form two play surfaces and it also comes with a brick plate that’s compatible with LEGOs, Mega Bloks and other standard building blocks.

The entertainment possibilities are endless. Even playdough is a play-on-the-go option with this awesome portable tote. The Teebee is made from non-toxic materials and is food-safe, so it can also be used as a snack tote, giving kids a space to hold their food and avoid spills. The Teebee comes in five different colors, including red, blue and pink, and can be personalized with a set of stickers that comes with each box.

The only question left is how to get one. The Teebee is now fully funded through an Indiegogo campaign, and will be ready to ship by December, just in time for the holidays. Psst… there are still a few early bird slots left in the campaign that give you one box for $32.

How do you keep your kids entertained on long trips? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.