This Windex Ad Will Bring Every Parent to Tears, Seriously

emotional ad
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Grab the tissues. Seriously. Who knew an ad could bring just about everyone to tears? Well, apparently Windex did. Yeah, the glass cleaning giant’s new video campaign is making all of us parents more than just a little bit emotional. Why? Check out this aww-worthy clip and see why we’re all getting so misty.

Windex’s “Give Life a Sparkle” campaign features a three-minute video ad that shows a father as he watches his daughter grow up. Why is this so tear-jerking? To start with, dad is out to sea — literally. He works in some sort of seafaring job, and is clearly away from his family most of the time.

From his little girl’s birth, through her childhood and into adulthood, he comes and goes. Not because he’s some deadbeat dad. Oh, it’s very much the contrary. He’s missing his kiddo in a major way. And it seems like glass and windows are a major theme in everything that has to do with dad-ing.

He presses up against the nursery’s glass at the hospital, marveling at his newborn daughter. We see his now-toddler pull herself up with the edge of a glass table and stand (presumably for the first time) and we see the girl look through windows as she waits for her dad to come home. There’s a wedding (the daughter’s) and finally a birth.

Yep, dad becomes a grandpa. And the slogan “What’s between us, connects us” runs across the screen. Of course, that’s a nod to the glass that does more to bring this dad closer to his daughter than separate the two. Believe us when we tell you that you absolutely will cry. Really.

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