To My Husband on Father’s Day… All the Ways We Need You!

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I probably don’t have to tell you this as I am sure you can imagine – triplets put a strain on my marriage. More than 4 years later we are in a much better place, but I know my husband still feels unneeded and unwanted at times.

This isn’t something that the kids and I do intentionally. It just happens. Daddy is gone to work for most of the day. He gets home at the “witching hour.” The kids are insane (because they rarely nap anymore) and they often want nothing to do with him. It’s dinnertime, bath time, and then bedtime. By then, I finally get the chance to give him a kiss and ask how his day had been before I zone out and then pass out.

Our life is (still) chaotic. It won’t always be that way though. So, until that day we want him to know that he is wanted and he is needed. Here are 25 reasons why:

1. Jase needs you to take him for rides in tractors. Who better than you, a John Deere employee, to hook him up with a ride in a combine.

2. Jase also needs you to take him to work with you on Saturdays to “get away from the girls.”

3. Henley needs you to make yummy pizzas for her because you make the best homemade pizza ever.

4. Henley also needs you to snuggle with because you’re so “furry and soft”!

5. Sadie needs you to be the DJ at during our dance parties because I apparently don’t play the right music.

6. Sadie also needs you so that you can watch “Handy Richard” (aka This Old House) together because I really HATE that show.

7. I need you to scratch my back so hard it looks like I’ve been attacked by a lion or tiger or bear because I am just that itchy!

8. I need you to hold my hand when we walk into church, down the street, or even while we’re sitting down watching a movie because you make me feel safe.

9. I need you to eat the pickles off my cheeseburgers because I hate hot pickles and always forget to ask for my burger without them. And because I hate wasting food.

10. I need you to read over my blog posts and tell me all the errors you see because no matter how many times I look I never see them.

11. I need you to roll the garden hose back up after I’ve used it because let’s face it, I’m pretty much never going to do it.

12. I need you to sit beside me in church and rub my back when I break out in my, now regular, cry session.

13. I need you to mow the lawn because I could never make it look as amazing as you do.

14. Ineed you to make me try new foods (only while we’re on vacation though) because if you didn’t I’d eat chicken for every.single.meal.

15. I need you to remind me that I was supposed to remind you of…something???

16. I need you to wear your ball cap the way I like it. You know they way…

17. I need you to give me your honest opinion on everything from what I am wearing to how my cooking really tastes even if it isn’t favorable.

18. I need you to comfort me when I watch a movie that makes me cry so hard that I look like a blubbering fool.

19. I need to you take me to the Smoky Mountains every year (except last) for an extended getaway from the kids because we so need just you and me time.

20. I need you to do all the grilling because I have no idea how to even turn it on let alone cook something that will turn out edible.

21. I need you because you know when I’ve reached my breaking point with the kids and will take them far, far away from me.

22. I need you because you still want me even on days where I don’t brush my hair, my face looks like I haven’t slept in weeks, and I’m wearing mom pants.

23. I need you to plunge the toilet after one of the kids (Henley) fills it to the brim with paper and then flushes because last time I broke out the plunger I got a lot of pee in my face.

24. I need you because when I daydream about my life 10 years down that road it’s always you that I see first. You saved me from my past. You keep me in the present. And you are my future.

25. I need you to know that you are very needed. I am so grateful for you and my love for you is ridiculous. You are an amazing dad and the perfect partner. I need you to know that there are 1,209 more reasons we will always need you in our lives, but I don’t have time to write about them all because…triplets.

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