6 Toy Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2019

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With The Toy Association’s 116th North American International Toy Fair behind us, it’s time for parents to look to the future of 2019 toy trends. What types of toys are about to end up on your kiddo’s wish list?

According to Ken Seiter, executive vice president of marketing communications at The Toy Association, “Parents and kids today are looking for toys and games that are fun, engaging, and keep them coming back for more, but that also enrich the play value to help build lifelong skills.”

Check out the Toy Association’s picks for types of toys that will accomplish these goals and much more!



The unboxing trend hit hard last year, providing kids with a special “surprise” factor during play-time. The Toy Association’s top trends includes this past favorite—but on a whole new level. Using secret decoders or packaging that doubles as a playset in itself will add to experience, making unboxing a winner in 2019.


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Compound Craziness

Yet another last year-turned this year pick, compounds are still in. Slime, kinetic sand, dough, putty and other similar open-ended (and awesomely experiential) toys are hot in 2019. But that’s not all. This year you’ll find compounds combining with unboxing toys for a hide-and-seek style, dig-through hunt type of toy.


Throwback Toys

Everything old is new again. Nostalgia is big in 2019. Look for toys from your own childhood or play picks your parents may have made back in the day.


Foodie Fun

Fab foodie finds are making their way into the top toy trends of the year. Whether you want your tot to learn about nutrition, responsibly sourced food or another food-related idea, you’ll find it in the toy aisle. This year will also bring plenty of food-scented selections, ranging from fun fruity smells to not-so-nice gross-out odors.


Inspirational Play

What does your child want to be when they grow up? Toys in this hot category will help them to explore their decisions. Along with inspiring your kiddo to reach their dreams, these toys also teach STEAM concepts as they help to nurture your little one’s natural sense of curiosity.


Even More Entertainment Tie-Ins

With a slew of sequels and live-action reboots in the kid-focused film arena, 2019’s top toy trends include plenty of licensed games and other products. Favorite characters from Toy Story 4, The Lion King and other highly anticipated flicks will make their way into plushes, playsets and much more.

When it comes to toys in 2019, one thing is clear—your kiddo is going to want absolutely everything! And with so many imaginative, educational, inspirational and just plan amazing toys available, why wouldn’t they?

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Stuart Ramson/AP Images for LEGO Systems



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