How to Raise a Tree Hugger (in 6 Easy Steps)

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Trees: they clean the air and produce delicious fruit; they’re great for climbing and perfect for shading the grass. On National Love a Tree Day, or any day, we’ve got six easy things kids can do to show trees the love. Read on for ideas.

photo: Olichel via pixabay

1. Plant a Tree

This one might seem obvious or it might seem impossible. If you’ve got the space, planting your own tree is always a way to teach the kids to nurture and respect our arbor-pals. But not everyone has the space. Consider planting a tree in someone’s honor through a national organization like the Arbor Day Foundation or One Tree Planted a local tree service. You can donate it to plant at a park, a school or right on the street.

2. Play with Sticks

Nature play is a great way for kids to connect with trees and other flora and fauna, and it can be as simple as gathering sticks. When it comes to clever and creative tree-crafts that you can actually pull off, we’ve got you covered! Click here for 10 ideas.

3. Upcycle Your Scraps

You can recycle your paper, of course, but we’ve got some cute ways to reuse scrap paper you might not have thought of yet! Click here to see.

4. Make Better Choices

Buy products that contain recycled paper, including printer paper, toilet paper and paper towels. Better yet, swap your paper towels for reusable cloth rags.

5. Have a Tree Feast

Make a spread of foods that come from trees! For example, apples, maple syrup, cherries, walnuts, etc. Tree feast! We love these honey-baked apple stacks that are low on sugar and huge on yum.

6. Play with Your Food

Beyond sticks, try creating something clever out of a tree-based product. We’ve got 11 clever apple projects you can do with just a few minute time. Or, after you’ve shelled walnuts, turn them into a little boat.

What’s your favorite way to show trees the love? Tell us your ideas in a comment below! 

—Amber Guetebier