Valentine’s Day Kids Craft: Make Cute Valentine Mice

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These Valentine Mice are a super cute craft to do with your little one, and a fun gift to share with classmates or friends. You can use a pencil or marker or even a lollipop for the tail. Your kids can help you cut out the shapes, glue on the eyes & nose and slide the “tail” in.

You’ll Need:
Felt – any color(s) you’d like. You can make about one mouse from each sheet of felt.

Googly eyes (ideally sticky backed)

Pom poms (for the nose)

Pencil, pen, marker or lollipop (for the tail)

Glue or glue dots

Scotch tape (optional)

1. Cut out the mouse body and ears from the felt. You can use this template, if you need.

2. Cut two slits at about the mid-point of the body. An easy way to do this is to fold the head of the mouse back about half-way, and cut two slits into the fold (about ¼” deep). The dotted line on the template shows where to put the slits.

3. Slide the ears through the slit in the body.

4. Place the googly eyes and pom pom nose on the mouse (using glue or glue dots, if needed).

5. Slide the pencil/marker/lollipop through the bottom of the mouse body, through the loop made between the body and the “ears”. You can tape the felt to the pencil/marker/lollipop to keep the body from sliding around.

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