VIDEO: Toddler’s BFFs Are Her Three Pugs

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photo: Circus_Pugs via Instagram

Kids and pets can share a special bond. They are playmates, cuddle buddies and companions through thick and thin. And the adorable relationship between the young girl in the video below and her three pugs is no exception.

Since the moment she was born, three-year-old Kennedy has had built-in playmates in her family’s pugs, Barnum and Bailey, and Tahlulabelle, who was rescued when she was a year old. The dogs make her laugh, protect her when she sleeps, cuddle up at story time, and spend hours playing together. Kennedy and her dogs go everywhere together and, in her own words, they are her best friends, “in the whole wide world.”

photo: Circus_Pugs via Instagram

For more cuteness, check out the family’s Instagram feed, Circus Pugs, which is filled with pictures and videos of this awesome young girl and her three pugs.

Is your family pet your kiddo’s best friend? Share pics of your own fur babies in the comments below.