We’re Pretty Sure This Dad Wins for “Most Woke Dad” Ever


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What do you do all day? One dad’s viral post about stay-at-home mom life shows he totally gets it, the the most woke dad way ever. Brad Kearns is a dad of three. He also works in human resources. Oh but that’s not all—along raising three kiddos with his (we assume lucky) wife, he’s also the blogger behind DadMum.

When the social media savvy dad posted his own ode to his SAHM wife’s day…well, it got plenty of attention. Kearns wrote, on his DadMum Facebook page, “Massive day at work today. We have our monthly senior leadership meeting. I have to travel for a 5 hour round journey split by car and train.” While dad (Kearns) is off at work meetings all days, his wife is at home. Kearns asks, “And what is my wife doing? Not much really.”

Now, before you get mad—read on, because his post about his wife’s day is pretty epic.

“All she has to do is get two boys up, dressed and fed whilst breastfeeding the third.” Now we see the angle he’s taking—and it only gets more incredible from there as he goes on to describe his wife’s day:

“Then no doubt they’ll need to be taken outside or to a park to get all that energy out. How easy is that. All she has to do is sort their bags out, find the hats, pack some snacks and a spare change of clothes and buckle them into the car.

Then while they’re there she’ll have to feed the baby again coz that’s what he does. Without letting go of him she’ll have to interact with and help the others on and off swings and stimulate them enough to not get bored. Its easy really.

They’ll come home where she’ll sort their lunch out. They probably won’t eat it. Then whilst trying to get them to rest she’ll jump online and do some online shopping. Groceries… what a life. Pffft…. as if you wouldn’t just go to woolies with three kids on your own.

No doubt in the afternoon they’ll be demanding to ride their bikes, scooters, go-karts and run around out the back. She’ll probably just sit around and feed Teddy again. At 4pm they’ll start getting tired again and get grumpy. She’ll fight with them about stupid little things like “don’t hit your brother”. I know right…”

We’re exhausted just reading about it! And that’s not even half of Kearns’ post.

From the park to more meal-times, it all sounds pretty familiar. The fact that this dad truly appreciates his wife and values what she does as its own form of (exhausting) work—without a paycheck, no less—makes this post absolutely everything.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Omar Lopez via Unsplash



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