A Simple Act of Kindness on the Subway Offers a Viral Lesson in Sharing with Kids

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A little kindness can go a long way and when it comes to kids, the simplest gestures can make their whole day. One subway rider shared his game with the boy sitting next to him and the boy’s reaction will totally make your day.

New York City subway rider Kia Tatiyana Davis took notice of a man seated across the aisle engrossed in a game on his phone. She watched as a little boy seated next to him was following along, watching him play over his shoulder. Davis decided to film the progress of the interaction in three short videos and the result is completely adorable. The first video shows the boy curiously peering over at the man’s game.

In the next video, the man finally realizes he’s got a friend watching and he strikes up a conversation about the game.

Finally, seeing how eager the little boy is, the man hands his phone over to him and lets him play.

Davis’ posts received thousands of shares and comments as many were touched by the sweet and simple interaction. Phones can often divide us from the world, but in the case it brought two strangers together and made everyone’s day.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Free-Photos via Pixabay



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