This Dad Found Out His Son Was a Bully & His Son’s Punishment Has Gone Viral

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No parent ever wants to find out their child is being bullied. But even more distressing is when a parent finds out that their child IS the bully. Virginia resident Bryan Thornhill was appalled when he found out his son was kicked off the school bus for three days because of bullying, and this determined dad set out to teach his 10-year-old a lesson about bullying others.

Without the option to ride the bus, Thornhill decided his son would have optimal time to think about his actions while running to school instead… in the rain.

As a safety precaution, Thornhill drove his car, following behind his son Hayden, and provided an articulate video on why he chose the punishment he did.

As you can hear in the video, Thornhill rationally and calmly provides a narrative on why he instituted this particular punishment—and with the approval of his son’s teachers, no less.

He describes running as the healthy option, adding that sometimes, “it sucks for them [kids] and that’s what teaches them.”

Thornhill also states that his son’s behavior has been much better when he arrives at school as a result of the vigorous exercise, as opposed to the week prior when he was bullying on the bus.

After sharing the video on social media, Thornhill received tons of positive comments from teachers and parents, praising him on sticking to his methods and not tolerating such behavior.

One commenter posted, “I’m a bus driver for the last 18 years. Not often we have good parents but over the years what your [sic] doing works. We thank you and he will to [sic] one day.” Thornhill also received support on Twitter.

But not everyone agrees with Thornhill’s method, per Facebook comments. Some call Thornhill a bully himself, guilty of humiliating and demeaning his son.

“I think his problem comes from the father. Poor boy,” one commenter said on Facebook. “I can’t stand you, and I don’t even know you! Something is wrong in your household.” Other critics weighed in on Twitter, too.

Regardless of what your views might be on methods of parental discipline choices, Thornhill makes a pointed and powerful statement at the end of his video: “Teach your kids, most importantly. Don’t be a friend, be a parent. That’s what children need these days––parents.”

What do you think of this dad’s punishment for his bullying son? Let us know in the comments below.

––Karly Wood

Featured image: Anna Kovalchuk via Pixabay


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