Virtual Babysitter App Is Mommy’s Little Helper

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Guilty of throwing the iPad in front of your kiddos to shoot off that email to your colleague or finish whipping up dinner? Us too. If you really want some extra time to yourself to run errands, return calls, or get a manicure (gasp!), while taking advantage of your child’s love for everything iPad related, you’ll want to check out the amazing app, Virtual Babysitter, or V-Sit as it’s known on the playground.

Since it’s launch in February, V-Sit has had over 20 million downloads from the app store from parents seeking on-the-fly supervision for their kids. Simply download the app on your iPad or Tablet and fill out a short questionnaire (child’s name, age, and interests). V-Sit will then match you to one of their pre-screened sitters who are virtually ready to care for your kids from the comfort of their own home using nothing but their iPad. Yup, that means saying goodbye to straightening up or stocking up the snack cabinet for sitters

Once you’re registered, all you have to do is select the date and period of time you want your virtual sitter, flip on the iPad for your kid (let’s be honest — it’s probably already powered up), and then hallelujah — you can jet (or dance) out of the house knowing that your kids are in safe hands.

Want to hear more about V-Sit? Click here for all the details and then use coupon code REDTRI to score $25 off your first booking.