Here’s How To Win a Free Vaycay to the Happiest Country In the World

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Raise your hand if to win a trip to Finland—and did we mention it’s free? Recently voted the happiest country in the world, for a second time, the people of Finland want to share the joy—and they’ll pay you to do it!

So how can you go to Finland for free? It’s easy. Just enter for a chance to win through Rent a Finn. And no, you can’t actually rent a Finn. Instead, the initiative pairs regular ol’ Finns (not experts or famous Finns) with people from other areas of the world. Known as “Happiness Guides,” the Finns share their knowledge with lucky visitors.

For three summer days the winning travelers will get to experience Finnish adventures such as fishing at a summer cottage, berry picking, visiting a national park or soaking in a sauna.

Visit the Rent a Finn website before Apr. 14, 2019 to enter this fab Finnish adventure for free. Simply film a three-minute (or less) video about yourself, your connection to nature and your reasons for wanting to visit Finland. Fill out the application form and submit your video online at—and that’s it! Visit Finland will review all entries and personally notify all winners.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Tapio Haaja via Unsplash



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