Want Your Kids to do Better in the Classroom? Take Off Their Shoes

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Photo: InnocentEyez via Flickr

Let’s admit it; #TheStruggleIsReal when it comes to getting the kids ready for school. Now you can consider saving yourself five minutes, and skip the shoes. Research by Bournemouth University showed that shoeless children were more engaged in their classroom lessons, which leads to better academic scores.

The research is based on observing and studying tens of thousands of children in over 100 schools in around 25 countries over the last ten years. Experts believe the young learners who left the shoes outside of the classroom improved academically because being barefoot made them ‘feel at home’ and more relaxed.

“Children are much more willing to sit on the floor and relax if they have no shoes on… The last place a child would sit to read is an upright chair and we’ve found that 95 per cent of them actually don’t read on a chair at home. When they go on holidays the read lying down,” says Stephen Heppell, lead researcher and Professor at Bournemouth University. “Having conditions in the classroom that are like those at home means that more boys are reading in the classroom.”

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H/T: Telegraph.co.uk