Let it Reign: Your Guide to Embracing the Chaos

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As parents, we seem to be in a constant war against chaos (how can a two-year-old be so very, very messy?). But today, instead of battling clutter, laundry, dishes and toys give yourself permission to #embracethechaos. Read below for our ideas on making that happen. 

mom in messy room with kids reading lazy momphoto: Manette Gonzales via flickr

Repeat after us, “the dishes can wait.” Yes, they will need to be done eventually but tonight, instead of doing the dishes right after dinner, take the 10-15 minutes and read a story with your kid instead, or draw a picture, or go for a walk. 

Once your little plums are all passed out, before you sweep all the toys into a basket/pile/corner take a minute to look at the layout. See what your kids see: the site of an epic battle between tractor and stuffed alligator, an ottoman turned ice-cream shop.

Raise your hand if you’ve let your kids brush their teeth anywhere but the bathroom. Because the key here is actually getting them brushed, right? Just go with it and stash tiny toothbrushes around the house for them to grab. Buy the multi-pack, because you’ll quickly find them in the couch cushions.

Take a morning jaunt to the beach or a park and leave them in their pajamas. You’re just going to have to change them when they get home anyway, and they’ll probably think it’s the coolest thing ever. 

Build a fort in the family room and hang out with a book and your child. Here’s the embracing part: let them leave it up for weeks (okay, maybe days) as their secret clubhouse.

How do you embrace the chaos in your house? Let us know your tips for “letting it go” in the comments below. 
—Amber Guetebier with Jen Miller, Jen Caynan, Jess Pluskowski