4 Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing 365 Days a Year

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Becoming a parent opened up your eyes to a whole new world of amazingness, and your nose to a whole new world of not-so-amazing scents. Whether you’re trying to get that funky odor out of your garbage disposal or need a fresh new scent for the playroom, we discovered 4 natural ways to make your house smell wonderful 24/7.

Simmer It
Perhaps the most easy way to immediately quell a bad smell, all you have to do is simmer a small pot of water and add your favorite scents. We love sliced lemons combined with herbs like rosemary or thyme, and the combo of cinnamon and orange slices with cloves. Experiment with different combinations to discover what you like best.

Run It
If your garbage disposal is emitting an odor worse than your kiddo’s dirty diaper it’s time to take action. Slice up a handful of oranges and lemons and run them through the disposal with ample water. Goodbye nasty odor!

Spray It
Febreze and other room sprays are made with a ton of chemical ingredients. Keep things natural with your own essential oil room spray. Combine four ounces of water and 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil scent, shake it up in a small spray bottle and voila! You have an all-natural spray that you can easily transport around the house.

Light It Up
Put those essential oils to good use. When your lamp is off and cool drop a couple of drops of your favorite scent (we are partial to lavender) on your light bulb. The next time you turn it on your room will light up with a soothing smell!

How do you make your home smell good naturally? We’d love to hear your tips and secrets! Leave us a comment below!

— Erin Lem

photo: rpavich via flickr