You Deserve a Badge: 3 Cute Ways to Thank Law Enforcement

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They patrol your neighborhood on foot, bike and car and are on-call 24 hours a day. Today take a minute or five minutes to say thank you to local law enforcement. Scroll down for 3 easy ways to earn your own badge of honor.

police officer and kid photo: Virginia State Parks via flickr

“No thank you, we don’t like cookies around here,” said no police station ever. The tried and true thank you method, pile some fresh baked cookies on a plate (or just grab some mini-cupcakes from the grocery store) and stop by your local station. Feeling really inspired? Bake a pie. Everybody loves pie! Add a little thank-you note and a quick ingredient list (in case of food allergies) and make the drop. Need a recipe? This basic sugar cookie recipe has been kid-tested and approved. 

Snap a photo of your cuties in law enforcement garb or playing with their favorite police car. You can tag it with your local police or sheriff’s department and the words #thankyou and share it on social media.

It doesn’t get easier than these two words: “thank you.” When you’re out and about today (or any day) a simple stop takes literally less than a minute. It helps to tell your kiddos in advance what and why, then just march up to your local law enforcement and say, “Excuse me, officer, we just wanted to say thank you.” It’s really that simple.

Want more ideas? We’ve got a sweet list of creative ways to say thank you.

How do you say thanks to your local officers? Let us know in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier