TechDen Wants You to Think Inside the Box about Limiting Kids’ Screen Time


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Can’t get your kids to separate themselves from their phones? Why not stick them in a box called TechDen. What is TechDen? It’s a high-tech box that’s essentially like locking up your devices and hiding the key.

Currently being funded through Kickstarter, TechDen was designed to “help kids develop healthy screen habits” through an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach. Besides the actual white box that secures and charges up to two phones or tablets, the concept also involves the use of an app to manage screen time.

Parents can set up specific time periods during the day that kids can use their devices, called “sessions.” During those time periods the white box, called the Den, will unlock and kids can retrieve their phones or tablets to use.

The app is used to remind kids when their time is running out and will also notify parents when their time is up and that the devices have been returned to the box. It rewards kids through a game when they return their devices on time. Kids can also use the app to track their own usage, request more time on a device and parents can allow for the flexibility for kids to choose when they will use their allotted time.

The purpose of TechDen is to provide a way for kids to be active participants learning how to manage their time on devices. The app will not simply lock kids out of their devices, but instead reward them when they choose to stop on their own. The idea being that they need to begin to learn how to use devices responsibly for the rest of their lives. And parents could probably benefit from the same lesson.

TechDen is currently available for pre-order through the Kickstarter campaign for a pledge backing of $119. A steal when you consider that the price will go up to $199 when it is officially released. Pre-orders are expected to ship by December 2018.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: TechDen via Kickstarter



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