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When the hangries hit there’s no telling what will happen (and we’re not just talking about your kids’ hanger, mom and dad!). Avoid meltdowns and keep your clan happy and healthy. It’s easy with, your one-stop online shop for everything you need to stock your pantry and lunch box. From nuts and dried fruit to snacks and flours, we’re dishing about our favorite products, hundreds of which are CCOF and USDA Certified Organic and Certified Gluten-Free, and how this family-run business is helping parents fill their pantries with healthy, delicious food in a convenient way.


FLOURS is much more than well, nuts. They currently feature a whopping 66 types of flours in their online store, including almond flour, chickpea flour, organic white flour and much more. The recipe ideas are endless and it’s easier than ever to experiment with new types of flours, unlocking new flavors and health benefits for the whole family!  Click here to check out’s flours.

Almond flour fun fact: This is a low-carb flour made entirely of blanched, finely ground almonds. It’s a gluten-free, high-protein one-to-one replacement for wheat flour.




We’re guessing grains have become ingrained in your diet, as they should be! They’re packed with nutrients like fiber and protein. offers a variety of grains for all meals. Click here for their full online store and get ready to be wowed by their corn, barley, farro and more!

Quinoa fun fact: Known as “the Gold of the Incas,” this high-protein and high-fiber grain is light, fluffy, and fun to eat. It’s a good alternative to rice, and is also a great addition to salads. also has quinoa puffs, great for making healthier rice crispy treats.


It’s no secret that your kids could eat pasta for every meal of the day. And, if it weren’t for the carbs you would, too! Stock your pantry with every pasta imaginable. Think mac and cheese, gluten-free pasta, couscous and even pasta shaped like dinosaurs. Discover the full, carbolicious pasta store here.

Dinosaur pasta fun fact: Made from 100% semolina flour, this pasta goes through a longer-than-usual drying period, which results in a superior quality and texture. It will make your kids roar with delight!



Your kids are super and they deserve superfood. has a variety of goods to fill those bellies. From dried organic mango to organic Medjool dates and even organic black beans and more; their online store of superfoods is, well, super. Click here to see all of’s picks.

Dried organic mango fun fact: searched the world for the sweetest and most succulent mango cheeks. These fit the bill and deliver loads of flavor and vitamin C.’s dried organic mango is Certified Organic by the CCOF and USDA.

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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we beg to differ. After all, who doesn’t love snacktime? Head to’s snack store to stock your pantry so you’ll be ready when hunger strikes. You’ll find almond butter and jelly mix, apple sauce, cookies, veggie chips, cereal and more. By shopping here, your pantry will never be lonely.

AB&J Mix (that’s Almond Butter & Jelly) fun fact:’s fun twist on the classic PB&J, this sweet and salty mix is packed with roasted salted almonds, butter toffee almonds, dried strawberries, flame raisins, and sliced cranberries.

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We love the healthy versatility of dried fruit. Eat it alone, throw it in yogurt or pair it with ice cream (guilty). offers up dried fruit for every taste bud. Checkout traditional picks like pineapples and cranberries, and be sure to sample lesser-known types like baobab, organic red dragon fruit or star fruit.

Freeze-dried strawberries fun fact: Savor the summer all year long with nothing but the best strawberries. adds nothing to these beauties to bring out their natural, healthy tastiness. And they’re super-portable, too!

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Give your pantry enough beans, peas and lentils to fill every shelf. Whether you plan to cook, bake or play with them, features a ton of different types to get you started. Choose from black-eyed peas, red lentils, pinto beans and so much more.

Chia seeds fun fact: High in omega-3s and fiber, these seeds are perfected in a creamy chia seed pudding, and can also be enjoyed tossed into cereals, baked goods, and smoothies.


Every pantry has its own sauces and marinades corner. Lucky for you, makes it easy to add even more flavor and variety. Click here for their online store to discover oils and vinegars, hot sauces, dessert toppings, dressings, marinades and so much more.

Basil olive oil fun fact: This oil is Fair Trade and made with fresh organic sweet red basil which is added right on top of organic Suri olives during the crushing process, infusing the oil with the sweet basil taste. It’s perfect for drizzling on pizzas, pastas, and tomatoes, and is certified organic by CCOF and USDA!

You might’ve had two different choices of peanut butter during your childhood (smooth or crunchy), but these days there’s a whole slew of options. has pretty much all of them. Their store is full of nut and seed butters, no-sugar-added jellies and jams, chutneys and more. Click here for your choices.

What will you buy at What is your pantry missing right now?

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