Will Amazon’s Cash-Free Store Come to Your City?

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Following the grand debut of their super-techy brick and mortar groceries, we’re all kind of wondering, “Will Amazon expand its cashless stores to more locations?” The premise is crazy-genius and left us all thinking that we’d never have to stand in line just to buy three yogurts and an apple. Instead, Amazon’s cashless store allows customers to grab and go — charging their virtual shopping cart as they leave the building.

Now that enough time has gone by, Amazon is dishing on how the experiment is going. Even though they know it’s perfectly okay to walk out of the store, without stopping at a cash register, customers reportedly tend to linger. The whole, “Can I really just walk out of a store without paying a person or a machine?” is a challenge for some customers to get over.

Along with lingering, customers are also doing something else. They’re buying plenty of chicken sandwiches. Yes, chicken sandwiches. Hey, we all need a lunch break from the office right? And a chicken sandwich is an easy pick. But don’t worry about Amazon Go stocking only chicken from now on. Even though it’s a popular food find, the app gives Amazon real-time feedback. So when customers make choices, have complaints or aren’t buying a specific item, it influences how and what the store stocks.

While the store is still “go-ing” well, Amazon hasn’t formally announced where or when they’ll open more of these cashless meccas.

What do you think about Amazon’s cashless store? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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