This Wine Glass Necklace Is Everything We Never Knew We Needed

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If you’ve ever been enjoying a glass of wine at a get-together only to have to put it down and forget all about it as you chase after your toddler who has decided this is the opportune moment to learn how to undress himself, then you’ll really appreciate this unique accessory.

The WineYoke is a drink holder that you wear. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, you’ll probably spill all over yourself, but when you’re a mom, hands-free is always key, and you’re likely already covered in stains anyway.


The rubberized sling hangs around your neck and has a hole you can fit the stem of your glass through, so that it can sit snuggly inside. While the reviews range from “A great gag gift, but also a great functional gift as well,” to “If you have boobs, it’s gonna spill,” at just $13 on Amazon it’s worth checking out just for the fun party banter and Instagram pics it will provide. Now if only they would make one of these for coffee mugs.

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