Across The Internet, Women Are Reenacting Wonder Woman’s Secret Sword Scene

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photo: myeverydaylifestyle via Instagram

Warning: this post contains a tiny spoiler for the Wonder Woman trailer.

They come from far and wide, but they are all warriors of Themyscira, inside. Noble warriors, with plunging backlined gowns and one thing in mind: to hide a sword in them… or a weapon… at least some kind of weapon. They hide and wield it just as they saw their heroine, Wonder Woman, do in her crazy-popular new movie. Who are they?

Behold, the women of Twitter and Instagram!

Renacting a scene where Wonder Woman hides (albeit not very well) her sword “Godkiller” in the back of her ball gown, fans proved that the dress-as-scabbard worked, if perhaps requiring some practice. But while it was all in fun, by sharing their pictures and clips with the hashtag #WWGotYourBack, the women taking up this social media challenge showed just how much they loved and connected with the movie and its titular main character.

Wonder Women all, we salute you!

photo: deewonder_love via Instagram

photo: manon_ellorien via Instagram

photo: lady_feral via Instagram

photo: Grrrly via Twitter

photo: central42sp via Instagram

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photo: haleykohler via Instagram

photo: lucyintheskywithdinosaurs on Instagram

photo: Alora Slak on Twitter

photo: amandadeibert on Instagram

Have you taken up this social media challenge? Planning to soon? Post your picture in the comments below!