Wonder Woman Toys for Toddlers to Teens

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photo: earldan via Flickr

Kids got Wonder Woman fever and you want to make them smile? Here’s a quick guide (by age) of Wonder Woman toys that are tops for Amazon-loving kids. 

photo: Bumpkins

Tiny Tots: Bumpkins are known for high-quality silicone teethers, and now your new gnaw-er can nom nom on this Wonder Woman symbol, which grants girl power gum relief.

photo: Fisher-Price

Toddlers: Hard to go wrong with Fisher-Price Little People, and this Diana comes with an invisible jet that goes vrrooom!

photo: Bleacher Creatures

Ages 3-7: A huggable plush Wonder Woman to take to bed, or a super-cool Imaginext WW with an invisible jet that extends its wings and fires golden lassoes (they make a fierce Hippolyta with Battle Chariot, too.)

photo: Mattel

Ages 6-12: Doll, dolls, dolls! Mattel corners the market with detailed 6” action figures, 12” deluxe articulated figures and Barbies as WW characters, which are collected by adults, too! Plus, role play sets that light up, shields, bows and battle swords—oh my! 

photo: Amazon.com 

13 & up: Collectible figures and statues can go up into the hundreds of dollars, but vinyl figures are affordable and super—or should we say wonderfully?—popular. Check out Funko’s three different styles: the Dorbz, Pop and Rock Candy lines as well as the Quantum Mechanix Q-Figure.

Got other ideas for Wonder Woman play? Tell us in the comments below!