Now You Can Enjoy the Flavor of Starburst In Yogurt Form

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Want the flavor of a tangy candy treat without all the guilt? Yogurt is the answer. Yoplait Starburst has arrived to feed your sweet cravings!

Yoplait has just released a line of new Starburst-inspired flavors, and the new additions include all the classic Starburst flavors of cherry, strawberry, orange and lemon.

No word on exactly how close to the real deal these yogurts taste, but they were spotted both at Food 4 Less grocery stores and Ralph’s supermarkets. Both chains are owned by Kroger. As Best Products points out, it seems that the Yoplait Starburst flavors are being tested out in certain markets before a full nationwide launch.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: theimpulsivebuy via Instagram



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