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14 Mind-Blowing Outdoor Art Spaces You Can Set Up Today

When it comes to innovation, parents can get pretty crafty with just a handful of items. Case in point: these killer outdoor art studios, set up by parents for their creative geniuses. Scroll down to see the ideas and get inspired to make one yourself.

Backyard Nature Weaving Frame

Mother Natured

Give your children the gift of mindfulness and relaxation when you craft a backyard nature weaving frame to express themselves. This version from Mother Natured is made from a simple construction of wood and twine, and is perfect for little hands to create works of art using leaves, flowers, grass and more.

Mounted Outdoor Easel

Made With Happy

Give the kids a constant place to be artistic outside, rain or shine. Craft a mounted outdoor easel like this one from Made with Happy and let the creative juices flow!

Art Station

Where Imagination Grows

Where Imagination Grows proves it's easy to create a colorful outdoor art space without breaking the bank. A simple wooden shelf and metal buckets in an assortment of bright hues and patterns house the supplies, and an upcycled coffee table is the perfect height for young artists. Check out the rest of this outdoor craft corner and find a list of materials you'll need to create your own here.

Use the Windows as a Creative Space

Mess for Less

Washing windows just got a lot more creative. Give your kids brushes and spray bottles, and watch them paint, clear, and paint again. Head to Mess for Less for ideas on how to get the paint/water mixture just right.

Recycled Box Art Studio

Kids Play Box

An ordinary cardboard box easily transforms into an extraordinary art studio by adding a few supplies and your artist's latest creations. Head over to Kids Play Box to see how to make your own portable gallery.

DIY Chalkboard

Amanda Hunter via Dallas Moms Blog

Color, erase, repeat. An oversized chalkboard makes a great reusable canvas, and doubles as a scoreboard for afternoon games. Head over to Dallas Moms Blog to find out how to personalize and hang one in your backyard.

Garden Art Studio

Meri Cherry

This amazing backyard studio was built by the very handy dad over at Meri Cherry. The lucky artists in residence love having their own creative hideaway. Head over to the blog for a peek inside this magical space and a look at some of their awesome projects.

Design Fort

Baddle Dabble Do

A step up from a cardboard box, this outdoor fort is an art project in itself. Babble Dabble Do used a kit to create the frame for this awesome playhouse, draped it with butcher paper and let aspiring designers go to work personalizing the space inside and out. Head over to the blog to find materials and sources.

Cardboard Easel

Pink Stripey Socks

This awesome DIY easel from Pink Stripey Socks is super easy and inexpensive to make with very few materials. Plus, it can accommodate up to three artists at once! Grab a cardboard box and check out the blog to learn to make your own.

Balcony Studio

Not-So-SAHM via Honest to Nod

Even if space is at a premium, it's still possible to set up an outdoor creative space for your little artist. Not-So-SAHM designed this craft room on the balcony of her home. Head over to Honest to Nod for a closer look at the space.

Upcycled Water Table

No Time for Flash Cards

No Time for Flash Cards took finger painting to a whole new level by using her daughter's water table as sensory tub painting project. Find all the materials you'll need to create your own colorful canvases here.

DIY Plexiglass Easel

All the Little Lights

Thinking beyond dry erase and chalkboards, All the Little Lights crafted her daughter's easel out of plexiglass. The attached paint palette is made from a plastic vegetable tray, great for separating paint colors. Easy to wash and reuse, it's the perfect outdoor canvas for artists of all ages.

Picnic Art Studio


You never know when inspiration will strike, especially when you're out exploring nature. Tinkerlab set up an impromptu art studio using just a picnic blanket and a few select supplies. Find tips for setting up a garden studio here.

Slate Painting


The mom behind Doodlebuds stumbled upon this interactive gallery wall during a visit to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. The medium of choice: water. These quick-drying framed pieces of slate make for perfect reusable canvases, and can easily be recreated in your backyard. Just remember to take a photo of each masterpiece before it dries! The exhibit served as inspiration when creating an outdoor art space for her son. Check it out here!

— Lauren Hill, Gabby Cullen & Karly Wood



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