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10 Simple Carpentry Projects to Do with the Kids


Looking for a fun way to entertain the kids while teaching them important life skills like planning, crafting and building something with their hands? Then look no further than these kid-friendly wood projects. These DIY projects are simple enough for all beginner woodworkers (even those adults who may have never wielded a hammer before). The best part? These easy woodworking crafts will bring joy, a sense of accomplishment, some good-old-fashioned quality bonding time and hours of fun long after the saw has been put away. See them all below.

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DIY Tree Swing

The Merry Thought

It doesn't get much easier than fastening a piece of board and rope together for a beginner wood project. The beauty of this project is how quickly it comes together—resulting in hours and hours of immeasurable fun. 

Get the DIY tree swing instructions here: The Merry Thought

DIY Free Little Library

Randy7 via pixabay

Do you love books and want to pass along your love of the written word to your community? You and the kids can easily build a free "Little Library"—a small, waterproof "bookshelf" where books are exchanged with fellow bookworms for free! 

Get the DIY free Little Library instructions here: Red Tricycle

DIY Raised Garden Bed

Fine Gardening

Gardening is having a moment, and we couldn't be happier. To teach kids about growing seeds, plants and harvesting, start by building a raised garden bed or wooden planter box that they can then be responsible for. Who knows, your picky eaters may even try that eggplant or zucchini if it comes out of their special garden box.

Get the DIY raised garden bed instructions here: Fine Gardening

DIY Wooden Toybox

A Night Owl

Storage is always in short supply, but this clever DIY with casters for easy mobility will get everyone in the house excited about clean-up time. Customize the crates with paint that matches your decor or have your kids paint their name on the side, so everyone knows whose storage box is whose. 

Get the DIY wooden toybox instructions here: A Night Owl


DIY Dollhouse

A Beautiful Mess

Dollhouses can get big (and complicated) real fast, but not with this plywood version that takes the simple concept of hinges to differentiate the rooms, all while providing an easy fold-away option when not in use. 

Get the DIY dollhouse instructions here: A Beautiful Mess

DIY Birdhouse

Ana White

This DIY wooden birdhouse project is awesome for two reasons. One—it's cheap. As in, you won't spend more than a couple of dollars. Two—depending on your kid's age and skill level, this project can be as easy or as hard as you'd like. If the kids are young, have them glue the parts together, or if they're older, they can assist in finishing nails. 

Is modern design more your speed? Check out Ana's modern birdhouse DIY that's even cheaper to make! 

Get the DIY birdhouse instructions here: Ana White

DIY Crayon Holder

Jaime Costiglio

This sweet desktop accessory will help keep your coloring-obsessed kid neat and organized. Using just three pieces of wood, a drill bit, glue and sandpaper, this DIY can be finished in less than a couple of hours. Don't forget to personalize the exterior with paint or stickers!

Get the DIY crayon holder instructions here: Jaime Costiglio

DIY A-Frame Tent

Dunn Lumber

This easy DIY takes only a couple of hours to make but is all but guaranteed to provide hours and hours of fun. Want to extend the life of this wood project? Make this indoor tent all-weather by choosing materials like exterior paint and waterproof fabric.  

Get the DIY A-frame tent instructions here: Dunn Lumber

DIY Walking Blocks

Nova Natural

Remember walking on cans? This version is more "clompy" than our "clanky" version but just as much fun. This easy project can be completed in less than an hour and with materials you probably already have at home.

Get the DIY walking blocks instructions here: Instructables



DIY Bee Hotel

Dukes and Duchesses

Add an environmentally-friendly woodworking craft to your repertoire! This bee hotel encourages solitary bees to chill out and pollinate your garden (unlike honey bees that require more space). This is a great addition to that raised garden bed you made the weekend before!

Get the DIY bee hotel instructions here: Dukes and Duchesses


—Andie Huber



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