Kid-Friendly Home Decor Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2021

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When it comes to kid-friendly home decor trends, this year is all about surrounding yourself with calm, comforting decor. So rather than committing to a single style, say all modern or floor-to-ceiling traditional, decorating will be much more fluid and overlap a variety of styles. The result? A personalized and unique space that promotes cocooning for everyone in the family. But what we love most about these trends is their versatility and how easily they can layer into your existing decor scheme. Check out the interior design trends you’ll be seeing coming to a home near you below.

Hand Painted Wall Murals

Nothing says custom like a hand-painted mural. Pick your colors, and grab the kids to install this one-of-a-kind design that can be achieved in less than a weekend. 

To make: Young House Love


Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs have graduated from quirky accessory to must-have feature. Installed in a playroom or the corner of a living room, they take up minimal space but make a big design impact.

For a similar chair to the one featured, we found this hanging chair on Amazon.


Rainbow Decor

Step aside unicorns, and make some space for rainbows. Whether they are punchy and full of color or of the more muted variety, like the one featured, rainbows are whimsical, dreamy, and add that casual bohemian vibe everyone is desiring at the moment. 


Weighted Blankets

Blankets add a layer of texture and coziness to a room but these weighted blankets do that and then some. Weighted blankets have been proven to help a host of health-related issues, from anxiety to sleep disorders, and these blankets by an LA-based, mom are no exception.

Bonus? They can also double as floor mats for baby to play but if you don't end up sharing these with your kids, we totally understand. A double-duty home decor product that addresses self-care at the same time? Sign us up.

To buy: Sheltered Co.

Fiber Art

After the year we've had, we can all agree bringing joy into the home is a priority, and there is no better way to do that than with Nova Mercury's fiber art wall hangings. The best part? You can commission a piece, buy a wall hanging that has already been made, or try your hand at weaving by purchasing a DIY kit. Whichever option you choose, you'll end up with a gorgeous piece of art that will bring loads of decorating happiness to your home.
To buy: Nova Mercury

Board & Batten

Wall paneling isn't just reserved for cozy offices and libraries. In fact, board and batten (the vertical applications that are seen on the walls behind the beds) is an easy DIY that can be applied anywhere and accomplished in a weekend. All it takes is some thin MDF to use as the trim, finishing nails, and paint, and you've instantly made the room cozier without taking up any floor space. 

Click here for an easy board and batten tutorial.

Sherpa Covered Furniture

The desire to cocoon at home is strong, which is why sherpa or teddy bear fabrics are having a moment. Nothing is cozier than curling up on a bean bag lined with this soft-to-touch fabric. 

To buy: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

Custom Bunk Beds

Even if you have regular old bunks, you can apply a decorator's touch to the frames ala Sarah Sherman Samuel and customize your kid's room in a flash. We love the cave-like feel of these beds, complete with velvet curtains for shutting out the rest of the world. 

Want even more bunk bed inspo? We've rounded up 29 design-worthy bunk beds that will make your kid's room seem bigger. 


Vintage Flare

Vintage art and furnishings add warmth and history to a room that can otherwise feel too shiny and new. Look for vintage and antique pieces at flea markets or online—Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and Etsy are all treasure troves for cool finds. 



—Andie Huber


Featured image: NeONBRAND via Unsplash


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