Kid-Friendly Home Decor Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022

home decor trends for 2022
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Last year we saw everyone decorating their spaces to maximize comfort, and this year, we’re taking our home interiors to the next level—think soft edges, more plants, mindful touches of luxury and upgrading our outdoor space. Since we are all still playing homebodies for the most part, here are the kid-friendly home decor trends for 2022.

Home Decor Trends for 2022: DIY & Upcycling Is Bigger than Ever

In the pursuit of making your home your own (and not looking like everyone else's on the 'gram), DIY projects along with upcycling is making a comeback. Maybe it has to do with the copious amounts of how-tos on TikTok but we aren't mad about it. Excuse us while we head to Goodwill, buy a collection of glass vases for $5 and create our #trashtoterracotta collection as a weekend family project.

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Home Decor Trend for 2022: Curvy & Organic-Shaped Furniture & Decor

You've probably already seen the curved sofas and side tables popping up on your Pinterest feed but the look is just getting started. Soft, rounded furniture adds a nice contrast to all those hard, square edges of living rooms of yore—and will make the room you're hanging in even more appealing and cozy. Bonus: this sofa is covered in this year's must-have fabric of the moment, soft and luxurious velvet. PS: Available in an orangey-brown velvet too if the white version seems too scary with kids. 

To buy: Modular Sofa, $1900

Home Decor Trend for 2022: Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

If there's anything we've learned through the pandemic, is that our enjoying our outdoors—whether via a balcony, patio or a full-blown backyard—is clutch to surviving at home, so we might as well make it as nice as possible, right? Fire tables, heated lamps (to keep that outdoor living going strong through the cooler months), outdoor rugs and accessories like pizza ovens will continue to get stronger through 2022.

Decorist designer Mikayla Keating, recommends the following to really maximize your outdoor space. "Keep the walkways clear for easy movement (at least four feet of space which also allows the kids to run around the area without running into things) and choose furniture that offers flexibility and versatility like side tables and benches that also double as storage." Another way to make your outdoor space feel extra special? "Don't skip out on lighting. Exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting. String lighting or installed hardwired lights can really elevate your space."

Home Decor Trend for 2022: Plants, Plants & More Plants

In 2019 we predicted Biophilic design would be huge, and while we were right, it also shows no sign of slowing down. After you add an olive tree to your living room (replacing the Fiddle Leaf Fig as this year's must-have statement plant), pick up other plant babies to sprinkle around all the other rooms of the house. Of course, if keeping more than one plant alive is too much to ask for (we all have a lot on our plate), these faux plants will fool anyone into thinking they are real. 

And if you fall into the camp of more (real) plants, the better it may be time to start growing a hydroponic garden (another rising home trend for 2022) on your countertop that yields herbs, fruits and veggies. 

Home Decor Trend for 2022: Smarter Furniture

We've all seen smart tvs but now you can have a smarter sofa. Designs like built-in USB ports, lighting and even built-in AC outlets are becoming more and more standard but if you want to take your movie and tv show watching to the next level, check out Lovesac's newest sofa called STEALTHTECH. This modular sofa comes built-in with immersive surround sound (the speakers are embedded in the sofa), along with a subwoofer and wireless charging. You'll not only hear the audio, but you'll also feel it too.

Home Decor Trend for 2022: Make It a Vibe

While we aren't sure this will catch on in the rest of the house, for those with tweens and teens, expect to see lots of LED lights, fairy lights, fake vines and artificial ivy, and photos galore taped to the walls. But the best part (at least for parents) is that this decor trend is temporary and doesn't cost a lot of money to achieve—that's a vibe we can 100% get behind. 

Home Decor Trends for 2022: Make (More) Room for Pets

Pandemic pets are a thing, and now, pampering those pets via home design is the (obvious) next step. From luxury dog rooms and dog beds to 'catified' homes, our pets are getting the home makeover treatment. We especially love this closet-turned-cat room by @newbuild_newlyweds.


Home Decor Trends for 2022: Unexpected Touches of Luxury

We're all guilty of buying things in the moment cause they fit the need (we're looking at you IKEA) but now that we're spending so much time at home, we're seeing that adding a few touches of luxury, especially in unexpected places, are bringing small moments of joy—something Marie Kondo can definitely get behind. So whether it's adding a touch of luxury to your bedside table through a Jo Malone candle or going bigger with a luxury kid's room, gaming room, fancified garage or laundry room, the point is, these intentional choices to treat yourself at home are well worth the cost. 

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Home Decor Trends for 2022: Natural & Sustainable Materials

Natural materials are gaining loads of attention and for good reason. They add texture and dimension to a room and warm up a space quickly. They are also easy to take care of and clean. And some, like wool, are naturally stain-resistant.

Thankfully, you can find plenty of options at your local thrift store or flea market (hitting upon that sustainability trend). Current favorites sustainable pieces feature rattan—but use this trendy home item sparingly—otherwise, you'll find yourself outdated in no time. 

Home Decor Trends: Paint in Evergreen Fog

On the tails of "cottagecore" and "farmhouse style," Sherwin-Williams' color of the year, Evergreen Fog, is nostalgic, neutral and warm—blurring the harsh line that was previously dominated by all shades of gray. This color translates well to any project—whether you are looking to update your kitchen cabinets, add an accent color behind your shelves, or cover your walls from floor to ceiling, Evergreen Fog strikes the perfect balance of adding a splash of color without overwhelming the room (not to mention works conveniently well as a backdrop to natural furniture like cane and bamboo). 

To buy: Sherwin-Williams



—Andie Huber



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