10 Adorable English Bulldogs That Will Love You Forever

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What’s not to love about these unfortunate-looking creatures?  Yes, English Bulldogs will snore, drool, and stink up every room in your house, but that’s just a small price to pay for the their unconditional love.  So this holiday season, give one of these chubby cuddle-monsters a chance (and maybe a forever home).  Here are 10 adorable bullies to help convince you.

10) Georgia Bulldog

georgia bulldog

Weather it’s swimming, rock climbing, or slogging through the snow, there’s nothing too daunting for this adventurous pup.

Twitter: twitter.com/GeorgiaLynneBC

9) Giggsy


Giggsy is a gentle giant, who loves kids, especially his new baby brother.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/giggsypop

8) Ser Harry Winston of Barkingham

Ser Harry Winston of Barkingham loves to cuddle.  Check out some of his more active videos on his youtube channel.

7) Rocky

Speaking of cuddling, it doesn’t get much cozier than this melty, pillow-dog.

6) Eggnog AKA Noggin’


Don’t forget to enjoy some sweet Eggnog this holiday season (the drink or the Instagram sensation).

Instagram: instagram.com/eggnogthebulldog

5) Sergeant

sargent bulldog

Every day is an adventure for Sergeant, the outdoor-loving Instagram celeb.

Instagram: instagram.com/sgt_bulldog

4) Jack

Just look at the rolls on this little lump!

3) Indiana

indiana cuddle

This little guy is always getting into mischief.  He hates baths and loud noises but loves to snuggle.

Twitter: twitter.com/IndianaBulldog

2) Lord Roscoe

Lord Roscoe

Lord Roscoe Stanley Cuppington is always ready for an adventure, after nap time of course.

Twitter: twitter.com/lord_roscoe

1) jelly_pp

jelly_pp bulldogs

jelly_pp is arguably the most adorable, hilarious, share-worthy bulldog channel on the Internet.  We can’t get enough of these 4 chubby bullies and we bet you won’t be able to either.

Instagram: instagram.com/jelly_pp