You’ve already seen how the crafty DIYers at Kiwi Crate can turn household items into fun toys, now watch them make a colorful bouquet of Springtime flowers using nothing more than the craft supplies you’ve got stockpiled around the house. These springtime flower crafts are easy, fun, and ready for the kids to display in no time. Best of all, they’ll bloom all year round!

Liquid Watercolor Flowers
We love simple crafts you can do with ingredients you already have. Just coffee filters and a little watercolor paint make an instant bouquet. You may even be able to sneak in a mini-science lesson about diffusion.

Simple Pipe Cleaner Flowers
Kids love pipe cleaners because they’re colorful and easy for their little hands to manipulate. And what could be simpler than a craft with just one item on the materials list? Shape pipe cleaners into colorful flowers with this easy tutorial.

Jar + Yarn = Vase
We can’t get enough of 2-ingredient crafts! Here’s yet another use for mason jars: kids can use yarn to turn them into rustic vases. This was great for using up odds and ends of yarn.

Clay Flower Pots
Molding clay is great for practicing fine-motor skills and unleashing creativity. This flowerpot is so cute, it doesn’t even need flowers — but feel free to add some to make it extra-special.

Flower Pin
Here’s a kids’ craft you’ll be proud to wear. We loved showing kids how fabric scraps we might otherwise have thrown away could be turned into pretty gifts.

Rose Print Napkin Set
Guess how we stamped these pretty cloth napkins? Here’s a hint: the answer’s probably in your vegetable crisper. (Kids’ eyes really light up when they figure out the secret!) Raid the fridge and make enough napkins for the whole family.

Paper and Button Flowers
How cute are these pretty paper blossoms? They’re perfect for using up paper scraps, while putting the flowers together gives fine-motor muscles a real workout. Your kids will make an armful in no time.

Spring Flower Bouquet
Now, your kids can finally put that white crayon to use with this pretty floral project. For maximum fun, we let the kids discover for themselves that the white crayon shows through the bright painted flowers.

Egg Carton Tulips
Paper egg cartons are great for small children to craft with, because they’re soft and easy to tear and hold. Literally turn trash into treasure by recycling egg cartons into a beautiful bouquet.

Daisy Bracelet
Help your child make presents for a classroom’s worth of friends with just beads and string. This colorful beaded project was a lot easier for our kid testers than braided friendship bracelets — and it might even be cuter.

Which of these flower crafts gets you in a Springtime mood? 
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