Summer is finally here, which means plenty of families will be hitting the road to travel. Families with children, however, have to find creative and engaging ways to keep their little passengers entertained and happy throughout long trips.

Whether you’re taking a plane, a train or a bus, here are a few fun and safe activities that will keep children engaged for hours:

1. Play travel bingo, keeping an eye out for different animals, landmarks and sights

2. On cross-country trips, families might enjoy the “License Plate Game

3. Create a travel binder that includes word puzzles, printables, and journal pages

4. Allow your child to follow along with the trip by giving them their own map If driving, pull over and have a spontaneous picnic for lunch or play a game of soccer to stretch your legs

5. Pack special “travel bag surprises” full of their favorite bite-size snacks

6. Print out coloring pages with different characters and animals

7. Use colored pencils, crayons or washable markers to prevent as much mess as possible

8. Be sure to create a special playlist full of your child’s favorite sing-a-long songs (with an extra set or two of headphones)

9. Download educational games and apps onto a phone or tablet (don’t forget the charger!)

10. Bring out the photographer in your child by allowing them to take pictures with an old camera or phone

12. Take their favorite books and have in-flight / in-train storytime


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