A 14-year-old from West Grove, Pennslyvania just solved the problem of auto blind spots––with her 8th-grade science experiment. Alaina Gassler took home the $25,000 prize at the Society for Science and the Public’s Broadcom MASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering for Rising Stars) science and engineering competition with her revolutionary design that could change car safety.

Gassler designed a camera that will project on to a car’s A-frame pillar, an area known to cause blind spots for drivers all too frequently. To hear how her technology works, watch the video below.

According to Gassler, “The camera is mounted on the outside of the A-pillar, records what’s behind it, sends that video feed to a projector that’s over the driver’s head and projects it onto the pillar.” The idea can not only be applied to a car’s A-pillar, but to other areas as well.

The 8th grader’s project isn’t done yet, either. Phase two involves LCD monitors that will allow the brightness to change, making the projections even more helpful during different times of the day and in unique weather conditions. Now that Gassler is $25,000 richer, those changes can now become a reality.

––Karly Wood

Feature photo: Oye Siri Noticias via YouTube



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