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Ah, the 90s. A much simpler time, even though we were on the road to Y2K and thought Prince’s ‘1999’ was prophetic. In retrospect, the party definitely wasn’t “over” when the decade came to a close, but we miss everything about the era from the crazy candy to the boy bands and the birth of the term “whatever” to the video games. Read on for a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.

1. You drank every last drop of your Squeezit and then used it as a water gun.


photo: Squeezit

 2. You bruised your ribs sliding on a Slip ‘N Slide but kept playing on it ’til dinnertime anyway.


photo: Erik (HASH) Hersman via Flickr


3. You chased Doctor Neo Cortex around Wumpa Islands with the world’s coolest Bandicoot named Crash.


photo: © 2017 Activision Publishing, Inc.

4. The only thing you liked about school was your Lisa Frank folders.

photo: Amazon

5. *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls posters covered your bedroom walls.


photo: jonobacon via Flickr

6. You were equal parts overjoyed and terrified by Tickle Me Elmo.


photo: cah5757 via Flickr

7. Friday nights meant the whole family was going to Blockbuster Video to be first in line for new releases.


photo: Daniel70mi Falciola via Flickr

8. “Whatever” was your answer for everything.


9. You crimped your hair and sprayed it to a crisp with Aqua Net.


photo: Kris Kesiak via Flickr

10. Your Sony walkman was your best friend and greatest escape.


photo: Grant Hutchinson via Flickr

11. You chugged candy powder from a jug and chewed it into gum form.


photo: Oh! Nuts

12. You had no idea you were watching the most famous cast ever of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera, who?



13. Your favorite T-shirt was heat-sensitive and you thought you were hot-stuff wearing it.


photo: Etsy

14. You placed all your important calls on a see through Conair phone.


photo: ebay

15. Your toys taught you the power of perseverance.


photo: Good to Know

What’s your favorite childhood memory from the 90s? Let us know in the comments.

––Beth Shea

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