When it comes to baby names, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for old-lady names, x-tra names, or even old-money names. How ever will you choose? Well, there are a few things to consider. Will your child love their name when they get older? Is it a cute name that has a bad meaning? Or is it so popular that everyone else is naming their baby the same thing? In a recent TikTok, baby name expert @namingbebe talks about which names she predicts will rise in popularity in 2024 and why you might want to avoid them. Her list includes several names that celebrities have recently bestowed upon their kids. Is your top choice on the list?


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First up is Rocky; this is the name of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s new son. “This is about as normcore as it gets for a Kardashian baby. And it appeals to that sort of Americana ultra-masculine vibe that people are liking right now, and it can be gender neutral, so I could see this theme having a big rise in the next year or two,” she says.

The second name you may want to avoid is Margot. Even though it is undeniably adorable, it is the moniker of a certain someone who spent most of 2023 draped in pink. “If Margot Robbie does not have an impact on his name’s popularity in the next year’s data, I will be shocked,” says @namingbebe.

Third on the list is Delphine. While not as common as others, this is what Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas named their second daughter, and according to @namingbebe, “it has that vintage glamour style that people are loving right now. I could see it doing well.”

She also mentions Sophie and Joe’s first child’s name—Willa. “This name was already on the rise, and I think seeing it more through all their media could cause her to spike up.”

Movies will clearly have an impact on baby names in 2024: “Next we have Cillian—one word Oppenheimer. Cillian feels strong but sort of indie and soulful, and I think it could appeal to parents who like names like August,” says @namingbebe.

Sixth on her list is the name Esti. It’s already a popular name, but as @namingbebe mentions, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend used it for their third child, so she expects it to get an extra boost.

When it comes to the power duo’s fourth kiddo, Wren, she doesn’t see the name becoming popular for boys, but she does think there might be an increase for girls simply because they used it.

The eighth name she includes is Riot. “I don’t expect for it to become mainstream, but I definitely expect it to rise after Rihanna used it for her son,” she says.

The rest of the names on her list have been popular in years past, and she doesn’t see any signs of them slowing down. “Dutton and Renly were the fastest rising boy and girl names in 2022. That can give them a trendy feel, and they’ll probably still be on an upswing this year. Our king and queen of 2022, Olivia and Liam, are going nowhere fast.”

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