3 Dishes To Make With Queso this Holiday Season

If children could eat one food for the rest of their lives, most parents would agree it’s cheese. From cheddar to American and mozzarella, the mouth-watering ingredient is a must-have ingredient for little ones’ favorite dishes.

Tiny turophiles don’t just stop there, though. For moms and dads who’ve witnessed the joy on their child’s face as they dunk nachos into a creamy bowl of queso blanco, know that this special treat also tops the list.

The white cheese dip packs in impressive flavors that even the pickiest of eaters can’t get enough of. Fortunately, with Queso Mama® queso you can bring home a variety of premium, ready-to-eat quesos that your little foodies can put on anything and everything. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Queso Mama makes for a nutritious meal that’s more than just a dip.

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We spoke with Queso Mama’s founder and CEO Leigh Vickery for three simple recipes your queso connoisseur will love along with pro tips for preparation, storing and repurposing your meals. An added bonus – these recipes are great for the holiday season as they’re easily tailored to serve large parties, and they’re safe for those with food sensitivities and dietary restrictions.

What is Queso Mama?

Founded in 2009 by Leigh Vickery, Queso Mama is a refrigerated, ready-to-eat white queso made with high-quality ingredients, such as white cheese, green chiles and spices. The mother of two introduced her unique, clean-label queso as an alternative to highly-processed products that already existed on the market.

For Leigh, creating a recipe that families with food sensitivities and dietary restrictions could enjoy was key, having experienced these challenges first-hand with her oldest son. She worked diligently to create her premium queso that’s not only free of gluten, artificial additives, added sugars and preservatives, but also keto-approved, vegetarian-friendly and safe for those with tree nut or peanut allergies.

“My firstborn son was born with terrible food allergies and…at the time, the allergen laws weren’t around, so you couldn’t go to the grocery store and buy anything,” says Leigh, who is also referred to as Queso Mama by devoted customers. “I started creating all-natural, fun foods for him and, not realizing, I was truly starting a business that became what it is today.”

The rich, velvety cheese is available in two unique flavors that range from mild to spicy—like White Queso with Diced Green Chiles, and White Hot Queso with Roasted Jalapenos —to satisfy your entire family’s tastebuds.

The full-time entrepreneur and mom also kept parents and busy weekday schedules in mind when developing Queso Mama. Leigh, who grew up in a household of six, wanted families to be able to spend more time together around the dinner table and in the kitchen by creating fun, simple recipes—just as she had experienced growing up.

“A lot of times, food lets you talk around the table and help you find common ground with one another,” says Leigh. “[Growing up], we had lively discussions and great food. You just have to carve out that time as hard it as is, but it becomes sacred.”

As a result, Queso Mama can be made within minutes, helping families prepare simple and fast dishes that still pack in nutrients. Thanks to the simplicity, your kiddos can now play a part in the holiday meal-prep experience, whether you’re hosting a festive meal at home, or plan to bring a flavorful dish to a group potluck. Simply scoop the thick, creamy mixture from the tub, heat it in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl and add to your preferred meal.


Convenient Recipes For Each Meal of the Day

Queso Mama is the perfect addition to any dish. From soups and pasta to dips and casseroles, these “magically cheesy bowls of love” will bring your recipes to a new level.

Looking for something extra delicious to do with your queso? We’ve compiled three of Leigh’s exciting recipes to make with your little ones this holiday season.

Queso Mama’s Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Looking for something balanced to feed your kids and their friends after a night of trick-or-treating? The hearty casserole is filled with a nutritional blend of eggs, plant-based breakfast sausage crumbles and your choice of Queso Mama’s White Queso with Green Chiles or White Queso with Roasted Jalapenos, then layered between either corn or flour tortillas and baked to perfection. This is a great option for those who are gluten-free and vegetarian, and will keep your family full for hours. Check out the recipe here.

Queso Mama’s Pro Tip: If you have any plant-based breakfast sausage crumbles left over, toss them into your Queso Mama flavor of choice for a yummy dip. Leigh suggests making fresh, homemade chips from tortillas and adding any ingredients of your liking, such as corn or extra jalapenos.


Queso Mama’s Spinach and Artichoke White Queso Dip

Loaded with spinach, chunks of artichoke and a heaping of Queso Mama’s White Queso with Green Chiles, this delectable dip can satisfy your household’s snack craving. No doubt your family will also welcome this treat as the newest appetizer addition to your Thanksgiving menu too. Simply serve with warm tortilla chips or fresh-cut vegetables for a more nutritious alternative. Explore this tasty recipe here.

Queso Mama’s Pro Tip: If you have any leftover dip, Leigh advises using it as a delicious cream sauce for pasta or adding it over chicken.


Queso Mama’s Green Chile Shrimp Enchiladas

A fresh take on the classic chicken enchiladas, this recipe opts for a shrimp-based protein that’s filling, healthy and comforting. Generously topped with Queso Mama’s White Queso with Green Chiles and baked until bubbly, this dish will have your kiddos asking for more. Get your new dinner recipe here.

Queso Mama’s Pro Tip: For those who are gluten-free, Leigh recommends swapping out corn tortillas for flour. To enjoy these enchiladas again, especially if you’re reheating them after a Christmas dinner, wrap them with freezer-proof plastic wrap, add a layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil then place them in a large zip lock bag before adding to the freezer.


Get your hands on Queso Mama today, which is available at select Targets, Whole Foods Market and Costco Warehouses around the country.


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