It’s meal time and all eyes are on you. Perhaps a familiar feeling?

Some of us meal prep, some of us wing it—either way meal time stacks up for us all. We’re talking three times a day, 21 times a week, and (with some fast math) that’s over 1,000 meals a year. No biggie, right?

If you’re the one in charge of filling those meals with quality, tasty and kid-approved options, the challenge can feel like…a challenge.

Recipe swapping is a great way to rotate new dishes into your weekly lineup. So, we asked three foodie moms to share their family favorites using Smithfield Foods, and boy did they deliver with flavor.

Browse below for breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner recipe ideas, featuring the brands you know and love from Smithfield, including Original Nathan’s Franks⁣, Smithfield® Bacon and Eckrich® Smoked Sausage. Be sure not to skip over their creative tips to level up the leftovers!

For Breakfast/Brunch: Bacon Puff Pastry Twists

Crunchy, savory and fun to make with your kids! Food content creator and author Carlena Davis (@Spilling_the_sweet_tea) knows how to check every box. Her substantial bacon puff pastry twists use only three simple ingredients, which is perfect for when you’re short on time. Carlena and her daughter enjoy these twists as an afternoon snack, but we think this could be a yummy brunch bite, too.

Level Up Your Leftovers: For a nutritional spin on your lunch or day the following day, Carlena recommends adding your crispy, leftover Smithfield® Bacon on top of a refreshing iceberg wedge salad. Top with your preferred dressing then dig in.

For Lunch: Homemade Chili Dogs

Chelsea Lords (@chelseasmessyapron), a Utah-based recipe developer and photographer, shares her go-to for her family of five: Homemade chili dogs. It’s almost a treat to eat chili dogs at home, and with Chelsea’s easy recipe, you’ll be able to whip up these simple, hearty and fully customizable dogs in no time.
When it’s time to gather around the table, let your kiddos’ food imaginations run wild. They can load up their hot dog with their favorite toppings, which is the perfect win-win if you have picky eaters in the home. Everyone can top their dogs how they’d like!

Level Up Your Leftovers: Chelsea loves to repurpose her leftover Beef Franks and chili topping into a hearty chili for the next day—and served with cornbread, of course. Another great dish for families big or small.

For Dinner: Smoked Sausage and Veggies

We love a plate full of color and thanks to foodie mom Heather Castillo (@The_Super_Mom_Life) you can pack in your veggies with this flavor-filled smoked sausage dinner. Another reason why we love this weeknight main is you only need one pan, making clean-up easy.

Level Up Your Leftovers: Heather shares two ways to level up your remaining ingredients: (1) Add whole wheat pasta into your leftovers for a pasta refresh or (2) add your leftovers into a low carb tortilla as a wrap for lunch the next day.


Get ahead of your family’s next meal time with these tasty, nutritional and easy-to-make recipes, thanks to these impressive moms and Smithfield Foods.

In need of more inspiration for the coming weeks? Smithfield Foods’ large portfolio of products, including Smithfield® Bacon, Nathan’s Famous® Beef Franks and Eckrich® Smoked Sausage, can meet your household’s needs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time.

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