Mark Twain wrote that life would be infinitely happier if we could be born at age 80 and gradually approach age 18. Not only is the age the markings of early adulthood with new freedoms at one’s doorstep, age 18 is considered by many to be the greatest year of life. If your daughter is about to reach that legal age where she can vote, serve in the military, and ultimately fly the coop to carve out her own life’s path,  giving her a memorable gift to commemorate her entry into adulthood is not only appropriate but would also be met with love. Here are four memorable gift ideas that have age 18 written all over them!

1- A New Car Fit for a New Adult

Unless you are a legacy family with millions in the bank, shopping around for a car that is perfect for 18-year-old women would, in turn, present the perfect gift. You will want to get something that gets good gas mileage since she is just starting out on her own and the ability to save money on gas will be a lifesaver. You will also want to get a vehicle packed with tons of technology for syncing various devices. Life st‌yle should also be considered; does she often engage in sports or activities that require a large trunk or is she about to get engaged and have a family in a  few years? Or is she happily single and loves going out at night with her friends? Choosing a stylish car is a no-brainer, but lifest‌yle can warrant an SUV versus a small city car for easing into tiny parking spaces in the heart of the city.

2- Boutique Quality Skincare Gift Basket

No teenager is a stranger to acne creams and facial serums from your run-of-the-mill drug store shelf, but when we reach 18 our skin already starts to undergo changes that eventually lead to lines, roughness, and potential underlying pigmentation issues that could surface later in life. There are a variety of boutique luxury skin care products designed to treat acne, moisturize the skin, and help prevent facial lines that are ideal for 18 year-olds. Give the gift of beauty and she will love you for it!

3- A New Wardrobe to Define a New Her

At 18 many of us either start looking for a job or we go to college. High school is now a thing of the past and a new life chapter is about to open for your daughter. Consider taking her shopping for a new wardrobe that brings out her refined and adult side. If she is entering the job market she will need professional attire and business casual dress. If she is going to college she will need a little bit of everything from formal wear to beach duds for Spring Break. Just let her know that the idea is to get something fun and fashionable that makes a statement about who she is, and where she is headed.

4- Introduce Her to a New Hobby

When your daughter was in her early and mid-teenage years, did she ever make ongoing remarks expressing the desire to “try that”? Did she see nature documentaries on underwater life and express the desire to get scuba certified, or watch the French Open every year and voice an interest in taking tennis lessons? Why not pay for a certification, license, or a series of classes to help transition the “curious girl” into the life of the active young adult who is “doing it”? 18 is an adventure in of itself, so give her an egress to a new exciting experience founded on past roots.

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