Smiling comes naturally, but a straight smile often doesn’t. That’s where SmileDirectClub comes in. Rather than contend with a mouth full of metal braces (let’s keep those memories closed in our junior high yearbook!), SmileDirectClub uses a series of clear aligners to safely shift your teeth. Great for teens and adults, these clear aligners are removable, invisible and work fast.

Here are more reasons to grin about SmileDirectClub:

1. You’ll Get a Custom Treatment Plan

From the get-go, working with SmileDirectClub is easy, convenient, and customized to meet your needs. Simply provide an image of your teeth by doing a free 3D scan at SmileDirect, or order an easy-to-use impression kit at home. A state-licensed dentist will review your images, photos and medical history to create a custom aligner treatment plan to gradually move your teeth.

2. Comfort is Key

The words “comfortable” and “braces” don’t often go hand in hand, but SmileDirectClub’s BPA-free aligners are precision cut, using smooth soft, medium and firm plastics that won't irritate your cheeks or gums like traditional braces. Better yet, aligners don't require gluing buttons or brackets to your teeth, as other aligners often do.

3. It’s Affordable

You’ll receive a complete set of custom-fit aligners, which are made in the U.S. at a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered 3D printing facility, that'll deliver your dream smile in just four to six months on average. Since there’s no need to go in for regular office visits, SmileDirectClub aligners cost 60% less than braces, with no hidden costs or fees.

4. You Can Save Time With the Convenience of Telehealth

A huge perk of working with SmileDirectClub is that you get excellent care—from home! Rather than mandatory office visits, regularly scheduled Smile Check-ins™ are virtual. Plus, you’ll have 24/7 access to the dental care team via phone, real-time chat, live video chat or email. You can even track your progress on an app.

To keep your smile healthy now, and in the future, be sure to check out their other oral care products, such as whitening kits, electric toothbrushes and aligner brushes, water flossers and more. Book your free 3D scan or order an at-home impression kit today at

– Jessica Solloway

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