Preparing for your first baby is kind of like finding yourself at the starting line of a marathon—one you never trained for. You have no clue what you’re doing, how you’re supposed to do it, and especially where to start. But you’re also not the first one to feel daunted by the exhilarating prospect of bringing a tiny human into your life. I’m right there with you, and we’re going to figure this out.

As an expectant mom prepping for baby number one, nothing has stressed me out more than creating my registry. The decisions are endless—and don’t even get me started on the black hole of research that’s eaten up my every free moment. From choosing the right baby monitor to decoding the glossary of breast pump terms (Flanges? Membranes? Double electric? Huh?), my confusion has grown as fast as my Tums dependency.

Thankfully, before throwing in the towel and giving in to a game of registry roulette (choose the first nursing bra or baby carrier that pops up in your search results), I discovered Momcozy. Stocking just about everything you could need from pregnancy to postpartum, Momcozy is your one-stop shop.

So, to help save your time (and your sanity), I’m sharing five newborn baby essentials from Momcozy I’ve not only tested, but have also earned their rightful spot on my registry.

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1. Mobile Style™ Hands-Free Breast Pump

The lowdown

  • It’s hands-free, so you won’t be lugging around any equipment
  • Upgraded motor that’s powerful but quiet
  • Easy to clean with just four accessories to wash

Why it made the cut

Not everyone breastfeeds or pumps, and fed is definitely best, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to give it a go when the time comes—and I’m always on the lookout for products that make the process run more smoothly. Momcozy’s Mobile Style™ Hands-Free Breast Pump has definitely caught my attention.

For starters, each container holds up to 6.09 ounces of milk, which is solid compared to other options on the market, and with just four accessories to wash, I won’t be spending all my time scrubbing parts. It’s also small and discrete enough that I can easily tote it around and pump on the go.

But best of all, its whisper-quiet motor (no naps ruined here!) has nine levels and three modes: stimulation, expressed, and mixed.  Plus, there’s a nipple-measuring tool to ensure that you get the right fit among the flanges provided.

A friendly heads’ up

If your nipple size falls outside the range of flange sizes they offer (17mm, 19mm, and 21 mm), you might face some issues. Additionally, the parts can’t be sterilized in a microwave or UV sterilizer; instead, you’ll need to add them to boiling water each time for sterilization (which can be cumbersome) if you don’t already own a steam sterilizer.

Buy now for $229.99

2. Ergonomic, Cozy and Lightweight-Baby Carrier

The lowdown

  • Exceptional lumbar and back support with its ergonomic design
  • Padded neck support and leg openings keep baby comfy
  • Adjustable sizing takes you from infant to toddler

Why it made the cut

I hear there’s a lot to do when you’re a new mom, so having my hands free by wearing my baby as much as possible is high on my list. Momcozy’s Ergonomic, Cozy, and Lightweight Baby Carrier seems to tick all the boxes.

I haven’t had my baby yet but I’ve tried the carrier on to get a feel for it, which I highly recommend! With adjustable shoulder and waist straps, it was easier to get into than expected, and the ergonomic cross-shaped design felt great on my already achy back.

The lumbar support is real, and with the padded shoulder straps and soft material, I can see how I’d be comfortable whether I’m on a long walk or a short errand. This carrier is actually padded all over, including built-in neck support and padded leg openings for baby, so we’ll both feel good. Plus, it’s designed to support an infant’s growing spine with three adjustable length positions that go from seven to 44 pounds.

A friendly heads’ up

The carrier doesn’t offer cooling features (like its air mesh successor), so it might get a bit warm, and it only allows one direction for the baby to face. There’s no forward-facing option for when your baby is old enough to enjoy that view.

Buy now for $59.99

3. Jelly-Strip Seamless Floral Push Up Nursing Bra

The lowdown

  • All-day comfort with soft, breathable fabric—and no uncomfortable wires!
  • One-hand nursing clasp for easy access
  • Great coverage with no spillage, plus an added bra extender for a perfect fit

Why it made the cut

Comfort and convenience are paramount when it comes to nursing bras, and the Jelly-strip Seamless Floral Push Up Nursing Bra from Momcozy has been a game-changer for me even while I’m pregnant. Ditching my underwires is the best, but I still feel supported (no spillage here!) and love the soft, breathable fabric.
I’ve tried this bra under tons of outfits and it’s seamless and smooth with a push-up design that offers loads of support.

The shape is perfect too (it discreetly hides the Momcozy Mobile Style™ Hands-Free Breast Pump!), and the bra extender that’s included means it will grow with me as my body changes. One of my favorite features is the one-hand nursing clasp for easy nursing access, so I’ll spend less time fumbling with my bra and more time cuddling my newborn.

A friendly heads-up

Keep in mind that you may need to size up. I ordered a small, and with the extender, it fits just right with the Mobile Style™ Hands-Free Breast Pump. So, consider going up a size to ensure the best fit.

Buy now for $39.99

4. KleanPal Pro Bottle Washer

The lowdown

  • Efficient and fast cleaning
  • Simple setup and use with included washer tablets
  • Operates quietly compared to older models

Why it made the cut

Much like laundry, washing baby bottles is one of those chores I’m not looking forward to, so if I can make my life a little easier and avoid the dreaded sink pile-up, I’m down for a splurge. So when I read that you can toss up to six newborn bottles and all of the parts into the KleanPal Pro Bottle Washer, plus your breast pump accessories in the wash basin, I was sold.

It only takes five simple steps to hit the ground running on bottle cleaning, so you won’t waste precious time poring over the manual. Just plug it in, hook the drain pipe up so it empties into the sink, fill it with rinsed bottles and parts, toss in a tablet, add your water, and choose your preferred sterilize and drying settings. That’s it! One of the standout features is how quietly it operates, especially compared to older Momcozy models.

A friendly heads-up

Besides the hefty price tag, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. The package only comes with a few washer tablets, so you’ll need to purchase more relatively soon. Additionally, while the machine provides both a 19-minute rapid wash and a 29-minute normal wash cycle, drying the bottles can add another hour. This isn’t a huge issue for me, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re in a hurry.

Buy now for $299.99

5. 1080P High – Performance Video Baby Monitor

The lowdown

  • Large battery capacity—up to 12 hours with both voice and display on, and 22 hours with display off and voice on
  • Automatic standby activation that turns on in response to sudden noises or movements during the night
  • Split-screen functionality with high-quality video and audio that doesn’t lag

Why it made the cut

Like most new parents, I’ll admit that I’m anxious about my newborn sleeping safely, so having a reliable baby monitor is a must. The 1080P High-Performance Video Baby Monitor from Momcozy will hopefully give me the peace of mind needed to sleep when I can and get chores done while keeping an eye on my babe.

With two cameras (and wall mounts for both!), Momcozy gives you the option to tap into the monitor’s split-screen functionality—and without a lag, might we add. You can keep an eye on two kiddos at once, or toggle back and forth between any two rooms. On the split screen, you can control each camera separately, whether it’s playing a lullaby, using the two-way talk system, or tapping into the 360-degree view and 2x and 4x zoom feature.

The set up is also a breeze since there’s no need to pair it with your Wi-Fi. Did I mention that the cameras can also read the room temperature? That’s a win-win in keeping my little one comfortable.

A friendly heads-up

It’s worth noting that each camera needs to be connected to an outlet for power. With no Wi-Fi or app connectivity, there’s no way to see your little if you’re away from home. Although the cameras must be plugged in to work, keep in mind that the monitor itself can be recharged. It has a decent battery life of up to 12 hours if both the display and audio features are on, and provides an energy-saving mode that will keep the screen on stand-by for long periods of time, lighting up only when it detects noise.

Buy now for $139.99

Now that I’ve knocked a few big items off my list, I’m feeling a little more relaxed about my registry (less so about the baby I’ll be sent home within a few months, eep). Momcozy really came through in a pinch with lots of trusted products to try and choose from.

Ready to start your own baby registry? Explore these five newborn baby essentials and more at Momcozy, and use code TYBMOM to receive 10% off your purchase!

While selecting your favorite picks, you can also enter to win a $1,500 box of Momcozy products in just two easy steps. From now through Sunday, June 23, create your Momcozy Baby Registry then share it on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok by tagging @momcozy and using hashtag #momcozyregistry. Winners will be randomly selected and notified by Momcozy via email on Wednesday, June 26.

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