If your little Kung Fu Panda fans have been eagerly waiting for dragon warrior Po to punch his way back into their lives, they’re in for a treat. After an eight-year lull (yep, that much time has flown by!), we promise the wait for Kung Fu Panda 4 was totally worth it.

Now streaming exclusively on Peacock, this fourth installment delivers all the charm they’ve come to know and love about the franchise. There’s a ton of action and heart, more iconic Jack Black humor, and, of course, all the incredible food (you’re in for some late-night dumpling and noodle cravings, trust us).

Whether your kids can recite all the lines in the first three movies by heart or you’re introducing them to Po for the first time, Kung Fu Panda 4 promises a fun-filled night. So round up your favorite snacks, pile onto the couch, and get ready for the latest epic adventure.

Here are a few details about why you need to watch Kung Fu Panda 4 (that’ll get you pumped up for your family’s Peacock movie night!), from a whole new set of challenges and life lessons to fresh pals and villains!

1. A new adventure unfolds in a brand-new place.

Po has a new destiny, and it’s one he never anticipated: He must find a new hero to replace him as the Dragon Warrior so he can step into his ultimate role as the spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace.

Not yet ready to give up “something he’s finally good at,” Po goes on one final mission to kick butt before he meets his days of workshopping proverbs. He teams up with Zhen, a quick-witted fox with sticky fingers, to save his home and Juniper City, a big city he’s never traveled to (think NYC in the land of Kung Fu Panda).

The duo is put to the test as they uncover the truth behind mysterious sightings of villains Po had previously vanquished—including the ferocious Tai Lung!—and come face-to-face with The Chameleon, a wicked, shape-shifting sorceress.

Through unexpected twists and turns, Po learns the true meaning of bravery and leadership as he finds new allies and discovers that heroes can emerge from the most unlikely places.

2. It’s packed with key lessons for both kids & adults.

At its core, the Kung Fu Panda franchise never fails to inspire kids to be courageous and believe in themselves, but film number four is taking the life lessons to a relatable level. As Po faces the reality of his true destiny, he learns to embrace change and the new responsibilities that come with it—a perfect reminder as the school year ends (and some welcome inspiration when kiddos return to school!).

The movie also highlights the importance of friendship, teamwork, and doing the right thing, showing that when we work together, we can overcome any obstacle. Parent tip: Have a family chat about the film’s lessons after streaming the movie on Peacock.

3. Expect humor that parents will appreciate, too.

What’s a Jack Black movie without his trademark quick-witted humor? Kung Fu Panda 4 is loaded with jokes, from Po’s hilarious antics to his banter with Master Shifu. Like all the films in the franchise, there’s no shortage of moments that’ll leave you in stitches.

Watch the closing credits for an awesome rendition of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” sung ever-so-perfectly by Jack Black himself. And if you have any budding performers in your crew, we recommend turning this moment into a fun sing-along.

4. There’s all the nostalgia.

Longtime fans will appreciate seeing Master Shifu, Po’s loving, adoptive dad Mr. Ping, Po’s biological father, Li Shan, and a quick cameo from the Furious Five. But we have a feeling your kids will also love the bad guys, and this installation brings back more than 15 years’ worth of Kung Fu Panda villains (seriously, where did the time go?). Think the fierce leopard Tai Lung, the menacing leucistic Indian peacock Lord Shen, and the powerful African buffalo General Kai.

5. The characters are voiced by a star-studded cast.

Kung Fu Panda 4 boasts an incredible lineup of talent, bringing both new and familiar characters to life with remarkable voice performances. In his fourth go as Po, Jack Black infuses the character with his unique blend of humor and heart that audiences of all ages can root for.

Awkwafina, who voices Zhen, brings sharp comedic timing and vibrant energy to make this new character an exciting addition to the story. Viola Davis also joins the cast as The Chameleon, with a commanding and menacing tone, along with Ke Huy Quan as Han, Ronny Chieng as Fish, and Lori Tan Chinn as Granny Boar.

Dustin Hoffman is also back as the wise and disciplined Master Shifu, alongside Bryan Cranston, who reprises his role as Li Shan, James Hong as Mr. Ping, and Ian McShane as Tai Lung.

Watch Kung Fu Panda 4 to enjoy Po’s latest adventure from the comfort of your home. And if your family needs a little refresher on all the events that have taken place in the Valley of Peace (you’re not alone), you can catch all four films from the franchise, streaming now on Peacock—talk about a perfect movie marathon night!

Need ideas on how to create an awesome movie night at home while you stream the film? Check out our latest video for fun ways to have a Kung Fu Panda 4 watch party.

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