5 Reasons to Take the Kids to See “A Dog’s Purpose”

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1. Dennis Quaid. Whether you adored him as Mike in Breaking Away, as Jack in Postcards from the Edge, or the dad in the 1998 version of The Parent Trap, just about every generation has had a crush on this Hollywood legend (Spoiler Alert: He’s aged well).

2. Major Puppy Screen Time. While Bailey starts off as an adorable golden lab puppy, throughout the film he is reincarnated as a German Shepard, a Corgi as well as other adorable mixed breeds, each cuter than the next.

3. Josh Gad. As the voice of the dog, Bailey, Gad is charming as as he ponders questions like, “Are we here for a reason?” and, “Why does food taste so much better in the trash?” Your kids may recognize him as the voice of Olaf in Frozen.

4. The Feels. Pack the tissues, A Dog’s Purpose has turned entire audiences into a hot blubbering mess. Never owned a dog? Doesn’t matter. Think you’re a cat person? Think again. Haven’t cried since the 90s? We have some bad news for you…

5. The Message. “If I can get your licking and loving, I have my purpose,” is the mantra of the protagonist, Bailey. Sign us up. Don’t we all need more licking and loving?

After watching the trailer, don’t forget to buy your tickets. Let us know in the comments what your furry friend means to you.